Father: Abuja “one-chance” victim intended to start PhD studies in 2024

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Father of the late Greatness Olorunfemi, who was killed by “one-chance” robbers in Abuja, Rev. Joseph Olorunfemi, stated that his daughter had intended to go to the US to start her PhD in microbiology prior to her passing.

On September 26, 2023, Olorunfemi was allegedly stabbed and thrown out of a moving car on the Maitama-Kubwa Highway. A widely shared video purportedly showed the medical staff at Maitama District Hospital in Abuja refusing to treat the patient in favor of requesting a police report.

At a press conference held on Thursday by the Young African Leaders Initiative in Abuja to encourage multi-stakeholder participation in the search for justice for the late Olorunfemi, the grieving father gave a speech.

Saying, “Greatness Abigail Olorunfemi, my firstborn, first daughter, well-educated, and ever-aspiring learner, was the source of my strength. The longest conversation I had with her was during a conference call with two American friends on September 23, 2023, at 4 p.m., regarding her goal to continue her education in 2024.

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She presented her profile right then and there, and it was decided that she would start her PhD program in microbiology in July 2024. We concluded the meeting with great anticipation, and on Monday, September 25, she started providing the paperwork required to make the move easier.

“I recall that on Monday, September 25, I saw a pit surrounding the family in a dream. I called the family members—including Greatness—for an online prayer meeting where we prayed to stop the impending evil, not realizing it would be irreversible.”

The grieving father claimed that on September 28, he got a call asking him to visit Maitama District Hospital in Abuja, where the late Greatness was allegedly getting medical attention.

The father claimed that the hospital’s refusal to provide Greatness with emergency care was “inhuman, cruel, injustice, negligence, and disregard for human life,” despite the fact that both the hospital and the driver who drove Greatness there had different accounts of what happened.

He pointed out that society will suffer if the demand for police reports doesn’t change.

Olorunfemi pleaded with enraged friends, families, coworkers, religious adherents, and organizations to permit the government to look into the situation.

Moyosoluwa Oladayo, the Coordinator of YALI Network in Abuja, announced that the organization has started a two-week campaign to guarantee that the incident results in the desired country.

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