Free Nigeria Movement convener, Moses Paul launches new book ‘The Nigerian Dream’

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It was a concert of encomiums as a book, The Nigerian Dream, made its debut into the public eye on Sunday, 2nd July, 2023, in Abuja. The book, a compendium of ideas, precepts and concepts on the
realization of a Nigeria immune to the current malaise, is the second scholarly product by the author, Dr. Moses Paul. Dr. Paul who is the convener of Free Nigeria Movement, a coalition of civil society groups, youth and women organizations which held an over seventy – day protest against the outcome of the 2023
general elections calling for the sack, arrest and prosecution of the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu and other members of the commission’s top brass,
among other demands, said the book is his contribution to the body of narratives on the untiring faith in the possibility of a new Nigeria. He explained that the simplicity of the storytelling was a strategy to enable
and encourage a wider readership to deepen the impact of the book. According to him, “Nigeria’s over six decades of post – independence experience offers a wealth of lessons which have remained untapped by
generations of leaders thus plunging the nation into a vicious cycle of incompetence, ineptitude and impunity. The Nigerian Dream presents Nigeria to the reader using a storytelling technique that differs from
the common fashion of casting the country as the antagonist in every tale.” He said Nigeria has come of age with innumerous possibilities of becoming a leader representing Africa and the entire globe of black people on the global table.

In an opening speech, campaign manager of the ObiDatti Campaign Organization in the 2023 general elections, Dr. Oseloka Obaze, commended Dr. Moses Paul for rekindling the process that “allows us to
dream until the fulfulfilment and realization of that dream called Nigeria.” Commenting on the reason for the current situation in Nigeria, he said, “Why did we get here? And we got here because maybe some of
us have stopped dreaming. Or maybe we dream too much and we do not believe in the realization of that dream.”

There were various opinions on the book’s themed chapters by renowned academics including Professor Chris Nwokobia and Dr. Peter Piper. Each expressed their satisfaction with the author’s unbiased views about the Nigerian situation. According to Professor Nwokobia in his review of the fifth chapter of the book, The Success We Were Denied, “He did in that chapter compare Nigeria to several emergent democracies since 1960. What is exciting and interesting about this chapter is that he did compare Nigeria with countries like China, Malaysia, and Indonesia on the global scene. And at home, with countries like Benin Republic, Togo, Cameron, Senegal, Zambia Cote d’ Ivoire, Congo, Gabon, Somalia and Mali. And then, he went further to tell the story about hopes and promises denied. . . Our country has spoken to us so many times and every so often this country tells us about a new day, a new deal, a new dispensation, this country fails us . . . In this work, Dr. Moses Paul did something. He tried to inspire hope. Compatriots,
brothers, sisters, comrades, I bring you strong words of great hope, that the darkest part of the night is closest to the morning. That’s what this book is saying.”

Presenting his review, Dr. Peter Piper said, “Dr. Moses Paul did justice to the description of the Nigerian situation presenting a heavyweight to the scholarly
universe in Nigeria. His concept of nation building as a requisite for the actualization of the Nigerian Dream offers more promise to the body of narratives on the subject.” He recommended the book for all Nigerians
including students in schools. Presenting his views on the book, the chief reviewer, Rev. Polycarp Gbaja, senior pastor, Strong House Abuja, said, “Nigerians have not only spoken, but they are acting. They have seen a future and they have decided to go even beyond prayer to action.” In a speech on Hope, Visionary Leadership and Rebuilding
Our Society, he said, “The future of a sixty – year template in Nigeria is a failure of vision, design and implementation. It indicates a clear displacement of a common and inclusive purpose or destination and a
misplacement and priorities. Evidently, defaults of failure may have been imbedded at independence on the table of transition from and with the previous colonial powers. These defaults were factored and activated in the course of pursuit of Nigeria’s independence and nationhood. Deliberately, ignorantly or both, our
turbulent history vividly reflects this.” He commended Dr. Moses Paul; for the book expressing faith in the possibility of actualizing the Nigerian dream through concerted efforts by all and sundry.

The national chairman of Labour Party, Comrade Julius Abure, through a representative, Comrade Obiora,
thanked Dr. Moses Paul for his consistency of his contribution to the birth of a new Nigeria through innovative ideas and programmes that inspire positive behaviour towards nation building by many Nigerians some of whom have come through his tutelage. He expressed his belief in the positive impact housed in the book.

Presenting the Free Nigeria Movement Pillars of Democracy Award, Dr. Moses Paul, said, “These awards are presented to deserving Nigerians who have demonstrated undying will and commitment to the advancement of democratic values in Nigeria. They have come on the throes of merit and not as barter for any financial favours as is the culture in the awards industry in Nigeria. Some of the awardees are people you will never hear of them on the television because of their high moral values which have thrown a cloak of
selflessness over their achievements. We celebrate them today for their daily sacrifices which have saved more lives than any of us can imagine.” Some of the awardees include Rev. Polycarp Gbaja, Senator Shehu Sani and a mental health expert and founder of Secure – D – Future International Initiative (SDF), Mrs. Saadatu Adamu.

The high point of the evening was the unveiling of the book by a retinue of eminent personalities including the member Representing Bwari/AMAC federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Chinedu Obika; FCT Labour Party Chairman, Diugwu Chukwuemeka Peter; leaders of civil society groups; captains of industry; members of the clergy and political associates; friends and family of Dr. Moses Paul and the entire leadership of the Free Nigeria Movement.
Other dignitaries at the event include Ms. Adwoa Kufuor – Owusu, Senior Human Rights Adviser (OHCHR), United Nations Abuja; socialite and politician, Dr. Olubunmi Usim Wilson; renowned poet and creative director of Simply Poetry Limited, Mr. Dike Chukwumerije; journalist and filmmaker, Mazi Dickson Iregbu and a host of others.

The event also witnessed performances by frontline Abuja musicians, poets and entertainers including multi – talented musician, instrumentalist and music producer, Moses Abdulkas; notable storyteller, Eketi Edima Ette; poet, writer, and performer, Agu Prince Osinayah (happyprince); singer and songwriter, G.B. Chris and Vicky Torre, artist and entrepreneur.

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