Gaza: UN warns of danger as fuel supply set to run out in three days

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Director-General Philippe Lazzarini issued a warning on Sunday, saying that UNRWA, the organization that helps Palestine refugees, will run out of gasoline in three days, endangering humanitarian assistance in Gaza.

“There won’t be any water, hospitals, or bakeries without fuel. Help won’t get to people in dire need without fuel. There will be no humanitarian aid if there is no power.

In a statement, he declared, “No fuel will further strangle the children, women, and people of Gaza.”

There are around two million people living in the Gaza Strip, and UNRWA is the biggest humanitarian organization there.

Since the most recent hostilities began on October 7, more than a million people have been displaced; among them, more over half a million are currently seeking shelter in its facilities.

Lazzarini stated, “This cannot and should not happen,” adding, “without fuel, we will fail the people of Gaza whose needs are growing by the hour, under our watch.”

In order to keep humanitarian operations from collapsing, he made a plea to all parties and those in positions of authority to permit gasoline supplies into Gaza right away and to make sure they are strictly used.

Lazzarini said that while he was pleased that the first humanitarian convoy had entered Gaza on Saturday, it was “far from enough,” highlighting the necessity of ongoing assistance.

In addition, UNRWA released its most recent situation report on Sunday, revealing that since the violence started, 13 more staff members have died, increasing the total to 29, and another 17 have been injured.

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UNRWA reported that half of those slain were teachers in a post on the social media site X, formerly known as Twitter.

The report also stated that around 180 persons had been injured and 12 displaced people had died while taking refuge in UNRWA schools.

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