Goke Bajowa advises gospel artistes against makingimmoral songs

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Veteran gospel minister, Goke Bajowa, has said that some gospel songs these days fall below the moral standard expected of them.

Bajowa, who is planning to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of his music ministry, told Sunday Scoop, “The quality of music being pushed out these days has become so poor because people who are not mature enough to be musicians are out there doing different things.

“However, the word, ‘secular’, does not necessarily mean bad, ungodly, or evil. It just means that it is not faith-based. A song can be secular and still be good, as long as it does not compromise generally acknowledged moral standards.

“If a particular song had originally been associated with certain artistes, concepts or ideologies that fall below the moral standards of what the gospel stands for, then it is wrong to feature such in Christian gatherings because it will remind the audience about the source it came from, even if it is done now in a Christian gathering.

“We (gospel artistes) have to be mindful of the lyrics we use in our songs.”

The singer added, “I would like to see more songs that are edifying and glorifying the name of the Lord; as well as decent dressing among gospel acts. There should also be more collaboration, support and love for one another, especially to help the younger generations grow properly.”

Bajowa also disclosed that he was working on a new album, a mini-concert, and a Thanksgiving event to celebrate his career of 25 years. He said, “I am working on a new album titled, Covenant of Mercy. I am also planning a Thanksgiving concert.”

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