Gombe palliative committee submits

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The first round of the Gombe State Government palliative care program was distributed to no fewer than 42,000 households that were considered vulnerable.


This is when the government received the report from the distribution steering group.


On behalf of Governor Muhammadu Yahaya, the Gombe State Secretary to the Government, Professor Ibrahim Njodi, accepted the report on Monday and praised the committee for their excellent work.


Five kilograms of rice, two bags of fertilizer, two liters of insecticide, and a box of spaghetti or macaroni are among the supplies that were delivered.


“I wish to acknowledge the committee’s commitment, resilience, sacrifices, and diligence in carrying out its mandate,” Yahaya stated.



He added, however, that “most complaints about the exercise is emanating from opposition politicians for their selfish reasons,” acknowledging that difficulties might have arisen during the distribution exercise, just like in any human endeavor.


Taking advantage of the opportunity, he informed the committee members that arrangements were being made for the distribution of the state’s part of the federal government’s palliative care and that their services might be needed.


Abdullahi Haruna, the Committee Chairman and Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency, thanked Governor Yahaya for enabling them to serve the state in this manner as he presented the report.


He also praised the SGS for giving them the guidance and leadership that they required in order to successfully complete the distribution process.


The committee’s chairman encouraged the government to “carefully study them for implementation in similar situations in the future” in response to the suggestions.

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