Hardship: Niger gov bans bulk sale of food items, orders confiscation of trucks carrying foodstuff

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The sale and distribution of food products and agricultural produce in large quantities from Niger State to other Nigerian states has been outlawed by Governor Mohammed Bago.

At a press conference, Bago declared the ban and emphasized that the state is experiencing food scarcity and food starvation as a result of the sale of food items in bulk.

“Trucks that come to pack or buy foodstuffs from our villagers in bulk should be stopped for the time being,” the governor declared. We have ceased making large purchases from all of our local governments and markets going forward.

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“We have given some security agencies the go-ahead to confiscate those trucks and share the food to the people if anyone is found doing that.”

This is happening in the midst of Nigerians’ financial struggles.

The depreciation of the Naira has led to a sharp increase in food prices nationwide, which has caused hardship.

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