I knew I was gay at 10 — Bolu Okupe

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Bolu Okupe, son of former presidential spokesman Doyin Okupe, has revealed that he knew of his sexual orientation at age 10.

“From the age of 10 or 11 I knew I was different, and if you speak to more people in the LGBTQ community they will tell you the same thing, it starts around pre-puberty years,” he told PUNCH in an interview published on Sunday.

Bolu said he was not disappointed at his father’s public denouncement of his sexual orientation.

“I will just say that I love and appreciate every one of my family members, my father inclusive, because if not for him, I definitely would not be able to live the life that I currently live. So, I will never utter anything disrespectful (to him) on any platform,” he said.

The fitness enthusiast added that being homosexual is not anti-Christ and that he does not understand the double standards practised by Christians.

Bolu said he probably would not declare his sexual disposition openly if he were in Nigeria, adding that there are many gay men in the country, some of whom are even married to women.


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