It is now your opportunity, Mr. President

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December 12th, 2016 on a Monday. I published a statement with the title “Tinubu: A Phat Phenomenon.” It began with the words: “At the turn of specific seasons of life; and in set times buried in the exclusive knowledge of Divinity, humanity experiences the birthing of some special breed of beings who have been marked to carry out specific assignments on behalf of specific territories and nations.”

The words used to convey a personal message about the man who is currently the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria were combined in that opinion. As I state here that God of heaven did not appear to me mono-a-mono in a vision or dream about Bola Tinubu, I do so from a position of truth. My ears weren’t wax-clogged, but I didn’t hear a still, small voice like prophets, whose ears frequently catch hints from above about who will or won’t be Nigeria’s next president.



What I wrote in the article was merely a simple reflection of everything I had read, heard, and been told by a few influential politicians who were in the planetary orbit of the persona known as Jagaban.

I asked: “Is Tinubu God? in that same 2016 treatise. God is not a human. Tinubu has never referred to himself in that way. However, his detractors will claim that he behaves like the Holy One. He is a man on a unique spiritual mission, so he doesn’t need to have dreams or visions to fulfil that role. In Nigerian politics, Tinubu is more than just a whiff and a whale; he is a colossus and a cyclopean phenomenon.

The man who had installed men as governors, senators, presidents, and vice presidents a few days ago, on Monday, May 29, became president himself. Prophet Isaiah claims that on that day, the heavens were torn apart. Following a heavy downpour that carved a deep tunnel in the ground, Tinubu was sworn in as the 16th President of Nigeria. The sun then emerged from its 93 million mile home, shining on Asiwaju as he took the oath of office through layers of cumulus clouds. What a lovely heavenly token that communicated without using sound to warn Nigeria of good things to come. Peace was in the air, and it was accompanied by a nimbus and patina of optimism for a better tomorrow.

My mind was filled with many ideas as a priest. Tinubu has spent his entire life fighting against numerous obstacles. And he has always prevailed. Ask former president Baba Olusegun Obasanjo about his memories of Asiwaju as governor of Lagos State many years ago. Those who despise Tinubu secretly aspire to be like him. They want their names engraved in precious stones like he has. And they yearn to list his life’s achievements in their columns.

Tinubu was called a foster child whose real mother is not Abibat Mogaji in their song of denigration. Then what? Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford, two American presidents, were adopted when they were young. They eventually developed into presidents. Tinubu must be in good company if he was adopted yesterday. What a source of inspiration for the millions of kids who don’t know their biological parents worldwide. Tinubu’s tale has nothing to do with yesterday. Today is the topic. Today, the patiently calculated Bola Tinubu, who never runs anyone else’s race but his own, is in office.


He isn’t loose with his words compared to a rich and powerful average Nigerian. He restrains it because he must have anticipated that this stage of life would arrive. Even in ethnic enclaves where he is the target of growing animosity, his heart is open to people from all walks of life. This is a story of the century, spanning from Bourdillon in Lagos to Aso Rock in Abuja, where presidents make and break laws.

Tinubu has frequently been declared to be ill, disabled, and dead. Some had hoped that he would be restrained, as had been falsely predicted by a young man who had overnight become the president’s saviour. It didn’t take place. Where are the dishonest prophets who made false predictions? The accusers and arresting parties are where? Where are the people who threatened to put out fires? Where are the haters, harassers, blockers, hecklers, and hate-filled hyenas? Where are the revolting agitators who oppose a prosperous Nigeria? I anticipated seeing them following much boasting. But not one appeared, not even with a mask on. Never forget the God-Factor in human affairs, where He alone reigns, whenever you boast, yell, rant, or make noise. The final say in everything and anything belongs to the one and only TRUE DADDY. I dread God!

Some Nigerians who you consider to be intelligent sloppily gave in to weak conspiracy theories. They accepted the idea that soldiers would interfere with the inauguration and cuff a duly elected man. A transitional administration would then be put in place. Some pastors admitted that they were actually watching the inauguration on television not to celebrate Nigerian democracy but rather to see the President detained and imprisoned in humiliation because a young man claiming to be a prophet had access to an iPhone and a YouTube channel from which he spewed out fabrications and lies that cheered Asiwaju’s detractors. Many of these men who are caving in the ministry are more experienced than this cock-a-bull storyteller ‘prophet,’ However, they sheepishly relegated themselves to prophetic jabberwocky echo chambers that are built on the ideas and evil intentions of ordinary men who will never be God. I immediately realised that these conspiracy theories were nothing more than collections of nonsense. Now that Tinubu is in office, conspiracies will never come to an end. They’ll be more combative. It is how troublemakers and attention-seekers make a living.

Tinubu would still be in Bourdillon if he had given into the rumours that were spread about him; if he had refrained from pursuing his life’s ambition because of untruths and innuendos presented as gospel. The Army, Navy, and Airforce each have about 200,000 active-duty personnel, and there are also about 300,000 paramilitary personnel under his command today from Aso Rock Villa. Now, he commands from the presidential residence and designs the way things will go smoothly for Nigerians. In all aspects of life, the winner is the one who pays the price. Price payers receive rewards. Love him or hate him, Asiwaju has undoubtedly paid a price in Nigerian politics greater and more expensive than many who have had the honour of serving as the country’s president.

Now it’s his turn. I implore him to lead with compassion. a heart that is ornamented with an inclusive spirit and leaves no one behind. Although he may have been wronged by many, he is now the father of all. Now it’s his turn. He must put all transgressions behind him and follow love and justice. There are patriotic and intelligent people everywhere. Both a unified and competent government are possible.

Now it’s his responsibility to act in a way that is both practical and morally upright. The poorest 40% of the population, who only use 3% of petrol, need to be given a good cushion as oil subsidies disappear from the budget matrix. The days of handouts and freebies should be over, and this message needs to be made clear to the swindling rich among us who receive the majority of subsidies. This time belongs to you, Mr. President. I hope everything works out for you. Lord have mercy on President Tinubu. God bless Nigeria.

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