Join APC now before it’s too late – Deputy Speaker Kalu tells Ndigbo

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Hon. Benjamin Kalu, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, has urged the people of the South East to abandon regional politics and join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said it was foolish for the South East to continue functioning as a minority when it ought to be in line with the party in power.

Kalu stated that he took bullets for President Bola Tinubu in the South East both before and during the presidential elections in an interview with Flo 94.9 FM Umuahia.
He thought there was more space for South East politicians in the ruling party, the APC, if they joined from other parties like the PDP, APGA, and LP.

Because four different parties rule the South East states, Kalu voiced concern that their voices are not heard as much when they make demands.

Being a part of the party in charge of the federal purse would open up additional lobbying opportunities, thus he felt that the South East should move on from regional politics and concentrate on national politics.

In his own words: “The APC will be more powerful than ever in Abia and the South East.”

“Now is the perfect moment for those who have been waiting to jump in before it’s too late. Since we are bringing leadership that understands your stake,” Kalu stated.

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“We can lobby more effectively if you are a member of a party that controls the federal budget. We keep our voices down when we go with the Splinter group.

“We need to shift from regional to national politics. The Deputy Speaker declared, “If we do more for the APC, the APC will do more for Ndigbo.”

Regarding his relationship with the governor of Abia State, Kalu said that despite their disparate political affiliations, he would not battle the governor and would instead promote the growth of Abia State.

He promised to back any programs that will help Bende, Abia State, the Southeast region, and the country as a whole.

The legislator also bemoaned the low number of votes the APC received in the South East in the previous presidential election, but cautioned Ndigbo from making the same political mistake again in future elections.

He gave President Bola Tinubu credit for his attempts to restore Nigerians’ faith in themselves.

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