Killer Mike arrested at Grammys after winning three awards

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Rapper Michael Render, popularly known as Killer Mike, was escorted out of the Grammy Awards on Sunday night in handcuffs.

Chris Gardner, a Hollywood reporter, posted a video showing Mike being led by police into Arena.

The rapper was placed under arrest following a “physical altercation that occurred at the 700 block of Chick Hearn Court,” according to a Monday post from the Los Angeles Police Department on X.

After being taken into custody, the subject was brought to LAPD Central Division.

“Michael Render, 48, has been identified as the suspect. He has been charged with misdemeanor battery 243(A) PC and is currently being released from custody.”

According to CBS, an American news outlet, Killer Mike won the Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Album awards for his self-titled 2023 studio album “Michael.”

Being a Black man living in America, my childhood dream was to be in the music industry. And that nine-year-old is dancing around inside of me right now with excitement,” he remarked on Sunday during one of his acceptance speeches.

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