Losing mum made me switch from producing to singing — Young John

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A popular singer and music producer, John Udomboso, aka Young John, has said that his mother’s death inspired him to make the switch from being a producer to becoming a singer.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio with Nandi Madida, the Aquafina singer said, “What really triggered that was back in 2017 when I lost my mum. I started spending so much time by myself. I was not turning up for my studio sessions or being in the studio with artistes, like I used to. So, I had so much music lying around, because I was recording so much. That period made me to start putting out music, because I never really planned to do that.

“However, it feels so good and amazing. I feel blessed, regardless of what the outcome is. I never saw this coming, and I did not plan for it. I am releasing my debut album now, and it feels so surreal. The love has been crazy, since I started putting out music. A lot has happened in my life, and I feel so blessed, regardless of what anyone thinks.”

On what fans should expect from the album, he said, “It is big summer vibes; the right transition into summer time.”

Sharing his experiences while recording the album, John said, “When I was recording the album, I had no idea I was actually doing that. Probably, because of my background as a producer, I am always recording. I travelled a lot last year, performing at shows outside Nigeria. I have a studio setup that I carry in my bag. So, wherever I find myself, I would be recording. I was just having fun, and doing my thing, like I always do.”

The singer also stated that in the months ahead, he would be touring Europe, Canada, and America.

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