My sister contracted infection from Mohbad – widow’s sibling

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Sister to Wunmi Aloba has said widow of the late singer, Ilerilouwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, contracted infections from him before his demise last year.

In the video going around social media, the sister simply identified as Karimot said Wunmi contracted a series of infections from her late husband, leading to her using a number of antibiotics.

Wunmi has been subjected to some allegations of extramarital affairs leveled by her father-in-law, Joseph Aloba.

Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, has also called for a DNA test to ascertain the paternity status of Liam, the late singer’s child.

Meanwhile, Karimot lambasted Mohbad’s father in the video, saying he was aware that his son was promiscuous.

She said, “So at this point, Josy! You’re shouting about Wunmi. Now, let’s talk about the number of antibiotics Wunmi was using in your son’s house. Let’s talk about the number of infections Wunmi contracted in your son’s house. Just because I was silent didn’t mean I couldn’t talk about them.

“Do you want me to talk about the number of infections Wunmi contracted from your son and the antibiotics she had been using to treat the infections?

“You’ve been victimising this lady for over seven months now, saying she has been sleeping around. Whereas you knew about the afflictions she was subjected to with infections she got from your son.

“Josy, why are you an unfortunate fellow? You were saying so many bad things about this girl, but you know it was your son that deflowered her.

“Well, I’ve been silent but please, don’t let me reveal things about your son. But, I won’t because I know you didn’t really like him. Are you saying Wunmi has not come to complain to you about infections she got from your son?”

Recently, Wunmi cried out in a series of posts that some powerful and influential people in the music industry were bullying her, asking Nigerians to help her and her child.

Mohbad’s wife said this after alleging that she had been receiving threats about what she knew concerning the sudden death of her husband.

The revelation triggered Mohbad’s father to ask Wunmi to come and tell whatever she knew about the death of her husband, asking the security agents to invite her.

Before that, Joseph Aloba had been calling for the DNA test on Liam, insisting that Wunmi was promiscuous when his son was alive.

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