New EFCC boss, Olukoyede, tells lawmakers to expect anti-graft war to begin from NASS

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The EFCC’s new director, Olukoyede, informs legislators that the NASS would launch an anti-graft campaign.

Members of the National Assembly should expect to be the first targets of the anti-graft campaign, according to Ola Olukoyede, the newly appointed Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Olukoyede instructed the members to make sure that the fight against corruption starts in the National Assembly. Olukoyede’s candidacy was approved by the Senate on Wednesday, in spite of opposition from a variety of Nigerians.

Olukoyede declared he was “ready to work no matter whose ox was gored” in response to questioning from the senators during his screening.

“From this sacred chamber, let the battle against corruption begin. He said, “If you fight corruption, you become the enemy of everybody.”

He went on to say that rather than concentrating just on upholding the law, all anti-corruption organizations in the nation ought to now prioritize crime prevention.

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We have a very powerful instrument in enforcement, and we want to use it carefully.

There is a system known as a transactional credit system, which does not minimize the significance of enforcement. One thousand anti-corruption organizations won’t help us if we let Nigerians to continue purchasing expensive homes, vehicles, and other assets with cash since we lack a functional credit system.


To ensure that people have options, we must foster a certain environment. Can I afford to teach my kids to meet high standards in school if I don’t steal money? Can I purchase a car after working for five years if I don’t steal money? After working for twenty years, may I move into a three-room cottage provided I don’t steal money?

“A typical Nigerian has no house of his own and would steal if given the chance. He would make one even if he didn’t have the chance.

It is imperative that we support the criminal justice system in making decisions that don’t drag on for an extended period of time.

“From the court of first instance to the Supreme Court, the prosecution should not be permitted to continue for a maximum of five years. The Senate can truly work on that. You will witness the excellent work being done by the anti-corruption authorities if we manage the criminal justice system well.

Along with asserting that there is a connection between the nation’s low standard of life and the growth of corruption, the EFCC chairman pledged to stop any leaks into public coffers.

“In Nigeria, the savings of a typical civil worker during their tenure is insufficient to construct the kind of homes and vehicles they own.

“The issue we face is akin to the aforementioned monkey imprisoned in a cage with numerous ripe bananas. The proprietor stood using a cane outdoors. The monkey would either eat the bananas, take a beating and escape alive, or let them go bad and starve to death.

“I intend to increase my efforts in preventing leaks. While we could have spent less to prevent corruption, we spend more money combatting it.

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