Nigeria still crawling, I am determined to change the narrative – Tinubu

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With regard to development indices pertaining to the environment and green energy in particular, President Bola Tinubu has referred to Nigeria as “a crawling country in the committee of thriving economies.”

That being said, he gave his word that, in his new role as president, he would not back down from his resolve to usher in a revolutionary administration.

At the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Sunday, Tinubu welcomed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and made remarks regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding his election as president. He claimed the ruling had ended any unneeded diversion from his political rivals.

As far as meeting the needs of the 21st century—both globally and specifically in Europe—I am aware that Germany has made significant progress in modernizing its energy and environmental protection strategies. “We want to change the story and implement a transformative government in Nigeria, even though we are still crawling,” Tinubu told the German Chancellor who was in town.

Declaring that it was a great joy to have his buddy Olaf Scholz visit Nigeria, Tinubu greeted the delegation. To have you here is a pleasure. Currently, at this specific moment. Just recently, the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s Supreme Court rendered a decision regarding our election process.

“The diversion is now complete. As a result, we will have more time to concentrate on advancing Nigeria’s economic prospects and prosperity while upholding democracy.

“You and your party have my gratitude for honoring the commitment you made during our previous tete-a-tete to visit Nigeria. Being here with you is an honor for me.

As Germany is one of the largest economies in Europe, he said, the business sector in Nigeria is open to forming partnerships with them.

In addition to having the greatest economy in Africa, he reminded Scholz that Nigeria also enjoyed favorable weather, a favorable environment, and abundant natural resources.

“While we are transitioning to a transition energy source, our hydrocarbon business is still in its infancy from an environmental perspective.

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In terms of power, education, mineral resources, and any other chances, you and your delegation are most welcome to collaborate with us. Our efforts to ensure the security of our people have yielded significant results.

“Our efforts to combat terrorism are paying off. On that front, we still require a lot of assistance. We also need to fight for democracy if we hope to maintain the rule of law, democracy, and freedom for our people. We cannot fulfill the African dream if democracy is not victorious everywhere. You are therefore very welcome and your visit is much needed this time around. With any luck, you’ll have fun.

“I don’t need to go into the different issues that are occurring in the Sahel region of Africa; you have probably observed already. As you are aware, there have been coups in Guinea and most recently in the Niger Republic.

People were handling the matter diplomatically. We will recognize that you are needed to assist with security, and we will always need your expertise. We are grateful for your prior contributions, especially the police and law enforcement courses. We require additional assistance.

Germany, according to German Chancellor Scholz, is still dedicated to upholding the rule of law and democracy.

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