Operators urge FG to prioritise EVs, CNGs adoption

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Experts have called on the Federal Government to prioritise the adoption of sustainable transport solutions to address environmental challenges and promote economic development.

The Chief Executive Officer of Egoras Technology, Ugoji Harry, told The According that with the increasing concerns over climate change and air pollution, the adoption of sustainable transport options had become paramount.

“We urge the Federal Government to embrace sustainable transport solutions such as electric vehicles, public transportation systems, Compressed Natural Gas and cycling infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change,” Harry noted.

According to the World Bank’s Climate Risk Country Profile for Nigeria, the country has witnessed a rise of approximately 1°C in its mean temperature since the pre-industrial era.

He said the Federal Government could play a crucial role in building a more resilient and environmentally responsible future.

Harry revealed plans to roll out a blockchain-powered electric vehicle charging station, Egostation, and a homemade electric vehicle.

“Together, we can create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for all. Recently, we announced plans to also launch the first ever made-in-Nigeria electric vehicle, the APEX 28 in April. This was manufactured at Egoras’ factory in Port Harcourt,” he stated.

In February, the Minister of Transportation, Saidu Alkali, announced plans to allocate budgetary resources aimed at fostering green technologies within the transportation sector.

He said the ministry was determined to address pressing energy challenges and promote sustainable development in the country.

Last year, the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative said N100bn under the palliative program had been earmarked to facilitate the deployment of CNG buses across the country.

The initiative said there was ongoing commissioning of several CNG conversion centres in key States across the country including Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Ogun, and Rivers,

The Lagos Chairman of the Amalgamated Union of App-based Transporters of Nigeria, Jayesimi Azeez, requested that the state government assist in converting their vehicles to CNG.

He said the conversion would not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also reduce operational costs for drivers.

Harry noted that the high conversion costs, ranging from N700,000 to N800,000 per vehicle, posed a significant barrier for many drivers.

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