People making money from Boko Haram, others — Sam Adeyemi

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Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre has said secession is not the solution to the myriads of challenges confronting the country.

Adeyemi, however, noted that those at the helm have contributed largely to the prevailing distrust among various ethnic groups in the country.

The cleric cited the example of Sudan to buttress his point that breaking up does is not a panacea to the problems bedevilling the country.

Adeyemi, said this  speaking as one of the participants on a live  broadcast tagged ‘The Fierce Urgency of Now: Tactics and Strategies to Pull Nigeria from the Brink, yesterday.

“The discussion right now among this huge population that we have of young Nigerians is, ‘Let everybody go their way. Let’s break it down.’ But smart people know that will not solve the problem. South Sudan broke away from North Sudan and then South Sudan went its way. Breaking away is not the issue.”

He also argued that calls for restructuring were premised on the need for citizens’ empowerment. According to him, the brilliant people in government need to give reasons as to why they are finding it difficult to push their ideas through.

The pastor said if there is any problem defying initiatives devised to solve it, then there is someone profiting from it.

Adeyemi said, “Let me be honest, I have friends in government. We should be discussing Nigeria’s development; Nigeria needs to move into the 21sst century as fast as possible. This whole thing is about the economy. If you have any problem in this country that is not tractable, somebody is making money from it.

“People are making money from Boko Haram. Banditry and kidnappings are about making money. Why don’t we then create a country where people can make money legitimately? Once you begin to discuss that idea with Nigerians, a vision will give people hope. Presently, there is despair; people can’t see any way forward.





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