Pregnant woman arrested for murdering mother over plantain in Rivers

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In the Adada community in the Abua/Odual Local Government Area of the state, a pregnant woman named Blessing Godday has been arrested by the Rivers State Police Command for allegedly stabbing another woman, Mrs. Imeran Idema, to death over some plantains that the former is said to have stolen.

Nine-child mother Blessing, 32, is said to have stabbed Idema when the latter attempted to stop her from fleeing with a bundle of plantains that she had purportedly stolen from a plantation in an effort to provide food for her kids.

Blessing was taken into custody by the police on Friday, even though the incident happened on January 28, 2003.

According to rumors, Blessing was told to drop the bunch of plantains by Mrs. Idema, who was watching over the plantation for her family, but she refused, starting a fight.


According to a source who spoke with our correspondent about the incident, “Mrs. Imeran Idema approached her (Blessing) right away with a machete and demanded that she give up the bunch of plantains.”

“‘Dump that plantain,’ Imeran yelled as she walked up to Blessing, who was carrying a sharp machete that she had used to steal the bunch of plantains.

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Blessing instead ran in the direction of a different exit. She grabbed the escaping woman and threatened to use the machete on her as Imeran ran after her.

After that, Blessing turned to face Imeran and stopped running. Following a fight, Imeran struck Blessing’s right foot with a blow.

After dropping the group, Blessing used her own machete to launch vicious attacks. She struck Imeran twice on the head and shoulder with the machete.

As Imeraan gave way in agony, Blessing hurried away from the scene, leaving the bundle of plantains behind.

“After hearing Imeran scream, family members rushed to her side, took her to the hospital, and called the police.”

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, went on to say, “Blessing was taken into custody by the police and then released to get her foot cut treated.

“She was later arrested again, and upon arriving at the police station, she was informed that Imeran had passed away.”

Grace Iringe-Koko, a spokesman for the state police command, confirmed the incident when contacted and stated that the suspect had been charged in court.

“Yes, I can confirm the incident,” Iringe-Koko said. The matter has been brought before a judge, and the woman was taken into custody.

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