Reps pledge to hold security agencies responsible for addressing nation’s security issues.

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Abbas Tajudeen, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, has pledged to hold security agencies responsible for every dollar given to them in order to address the nation’s security issues.

This comes shortly after the House gave Nigerians in every walk of life the assurance that it was prepared to address the problems of hunger, inflation, and general hardship that the country is currently facing.

At a global press conference on the state of the country on Thursday at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja, Speaker of the House of Representatives Abbas provided the assurance.

The security of our country is a top priority for the 10th House, and it aligns with our legislative agenda. He said, “I can guarantee Nigerians that this House will hold security agencies responsible for every dollar given to them to combat insurgency and insecurity.

The lawmaker, who represents Kaduna State’s Zaria Federal Constituency, stated that the nation’s unity is being called into question and that the nation’s very fabric is being tested as a result of widespread insecurity.

He went on to say that the House cannot just lip service to the plight of the same people who elected us into office in order to defend their interests as representatives of the Nigerian people. We are determined to ensure that Nigerians lead normal lives in peace and relative comfort, no matter where they may be.

Concerning growing security issues

We have a keen awareness of the growing security threats that various regions of the nation are facing. As duly elected officials, we recognize the anguish and suffering endured by each and every family that has fallen prey to heinous crimes and senseless acts of violence. Know that your tears have not gone unnoticed and that your cries have not been ignored. In order to strengthen our security agencies, uphold justice, and bring peace and order back to our communities, we pledge to implement strong legislative measures in solidarity with every impacted Nigerian, the Speaker stated.

He went on to say that President Tinubu’s commitment to “investing in the security infrastructure of our nation” is demonstrated by the Federal Government’s recent acquisition of the King Air 360i aircraft and the T-129 ATAK helicopter. It demonstrates a proactive approach to adjusting to the ever-changing demands of contemporary warfare and a dedication to arming our armed forces with the best resources possible so they can protect Nigeria and its citizens.

He added that the House will take action to address issues raised during the upcoming legislative security summit, which is scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, even as he praised security agencies for their commitment to the task of securing the country.

Economic contraction and its effects

Abbas promised that the National Assembly would be willing to assist the executive branch in resolving the country’s economic problems.

“I want to reassure everyone in Nigeria that the House will give funding priority to projects and programs that reduce hunger and improve security. We firmly believe in endorsing measures that will boost the economy, alleviate suffering, and guarantee that every household experiences a sense of relief.

“The House will support import and export policies that stabilize food prices and ensure an adequate supply of essential food items at affordable rates, especially for our constituents living in rural areas. We also support security measures that give farmers confidence to return to their farms.” In addition, we suggest passing legislation to allow for a prompt government response to food shortages, including emergency food assistance and support for impacted communities, he pledged.

In order to make governance meaningful for the people, the Speaker also urged cooperation and coordination among the three branches of government.

Look into Gbajabiala, but

In a show of support for President Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff, who was recently accused of unscrupulous behavior in the scandals that disgraced Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Beta Edu, the Speaker urged security agencies to look into the claims and release their results.

In the unlikely event that the former Speaker is found not guilty, he nevertheless demanded harsher penalties for the people who made the accusations.

“We must be cautious of the dangers of fake news and campaigns of slander and defamation, especially against the President and senior government officials,” he stated, “even though we encourage freedom of expression and constructive dialogue.”

The intentional spread of false and misleading information on social media with the goal of damaging the reputation of people or organizations has become more common in defamation campaigns. These campaigns frequently go after political rivals in an effort to erode their reputation, moral character, and public confidence.

“The danger of an unrestricted and unaccountable social media is highlighted by the recent unfounded and unjustified allegations made against President Femi Gbajabiamila, the Chief of Staff. Such actions damage the fabric of our nation’s unity as well as the integrity of our democracy. Femi is only one of the millions of Nigerians who experience coordinated defamation campaigns and cyberbullying on a daily basis. Too many victims lack the strength to protect themselves like he does.

We who have collaborated with him for more than ten years can vouch for his integrity and sense of patriotism. His integrity and honor are demonstrated by his willingness to voluntarily submit to an investigation by all security and law enforcement agencies. I implore the security agencies to look into everything he brought up in his letter to them, act quickly, and promptly report their findings to the Nigerian people. These organizations need to track down the people who carried out the character assassination and make sure they are prosecuted if they are found not guilty.

It is really regrettable that someone who has worked so hard and devotedly to serving others over the years would have their reputation tarnished by dishonest people. It is extremely reprehensible that there has been a persistent effort to undermine him for only political or personal gain, with no repercussions, he continued.

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