Retirement: Judiciary urged to emulate Court of Appeal’s Justice Hassan

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The judiciary arm of government has been urged to uphold the principles of honesty, integrity and commitment to the rule of law as exemplified by the presiding justice of the Court of Appeal in Jos Division, Justice Tani Yusuf Hassan.

The call was made on Sunday by justices of the court and other principal officers at the retirement party organised by the court for Justice Hassan as she retires from service at the age of 70.

Justice Hassan was described as someone who is honest, bold, courageous and stands for the truth, with high moral values and standards. 

They further described her as one whose life, professional career, and justice administration are held in high esteem and worthy of emulation.

In his remarks, Justice Olabode Adebisi Adegbehingbe (Justice, Court of Appeal 2) said Justice Hassan is a disciplinarian who always insists that things must be done according to the rules, and that whenever she wants the rules to be followed, she will continue to insist on them no matter who she is dealing with. 

Justice Adegbehingbe thanked her for teaching good lessons in her journey of life, and thanked God for preserving her. 

He said he started his journey in the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt where he worked with her, and they again came together in Jos, adding that she should now find time to rest because he knows her as someone who is very hardworking. 

On his part, Justice Ibrahim Ali Andenyangtso (Justice Court of Appeal 1) said he has known Justice Hassan since Ahmadu Bello University Zaria when they were students there, and then they eventually came together again as justices of the Court of Appeal. 

Andenyangtso described her as a very hardworking and forthright person who has paid her utmost dues and commitment to the judiciary.

The Deputy Chief Registrar, Court of Appeal Jos Division, Christy Noel Haruna (Esq), said Justice Hassan happened to be their amazon in the Court of Appeal, and that she worked with her in Abuja Division, and they then met again in Jos where she is finally retiring. 

She said one of the things she took from the life of Justice Hassan is honesty, explaining that if one is dishonest, she has a way of dictating such a person because she has that gift, and will then keep such a person or persons at arm’s length. But if one is honest, she will be ready to work with such a person all the way. 

Again, she said Justice Hassan doesn’t like people who trample on others’ rights and once she finds out that one’s right is being trampled upon, she will fight for that person irrespective of ethnicity, religion, class and others.

She then urged the staff of Court of Appeal Jos Division and other judiciary staff to copy the virtues they have seen in her so that they can excel individually and collectively. 

Reacting, Justice Hassan thanked all the staff and justices for their splendid working relationship with her and for honouring her with the beautiful retirement party. She called on them to remain united and live in peace and love. 


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