TJ Abbas And Making Legislation A Serious Business

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By Philip Agbese

The dawn of a dispensation signifies a new meaning to the way of life. Undoubtedly, Nigeria has experienced the best and worst of leaders. While some of these leaders were intentional in their actions, others were ignorant.

Unfortunately, Nigerians have always borne the brunt of these actions, either positive or negative. This indeed brings to the fore the role of leadership in the survival of any nation. Some may argue that leaders are born and not made. Others believe that leadership is about intentions.

In my considered opinion, however, there is an intersection between divinity and intentions. Leaders with a purpose of making a meaningful impact and leaders with motives that serve self-aggrandizement. The intents aspect is deliberate and a result of certain inherent traits manifesting in human intellectual activities.

One such leader with genuine and innate intention is Rt. Hon Tajudeen Abbas, the Honorable Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives. His emergence came with a load of expectations. Some have alluded that Rt. Hon Abbas carries on with such seriousness in all his endeavors. Some of them included the quality of his contributions to legislative matters in times past.

There have been arguments concerning his suitability for leadership of the Green Chambers. Few critics claim he is a stooge of the Executive. But for me, I see a man on a mission to make legislation a serious business.

The parlance where preparation meets opportunity and success aptly describes Rt Hon Tajudeen Abbas. As a high-ranking member of the House and chair of several important committees, he was indeed prepared for the task ahead. Some might ask what he is bringing to the table.

No doubt, loads of ideas and deliberate intentions are crucial to translate the act of legislature into serious business. As such, the 10th Assembly would experience purposeful leadership.

Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abbas is a consummate parliamentarian and an intellectual whose grasps of issues around governance are on another level. Of course, he boasts of an intimidating resume that spans decades of brilliance and a penchant for proffering solutions to societal issues. He is reputed as a problem solver. The Speaker is also seen as a critical thinker that matches words with actions. You could ascribe these attributes to his successful intellectual career.

His tenure as Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives would be robust and encompassing. Nigerians would be impressed with the quality of the legislative business from the Green Chamber. A team player, his disposition to issues resonates with national interest. And he doesn’t pretend about it and sometimes goes overboard. That is a plus because the business of governance must be taken seriously, considering the challenges confronting the country.

There are sacrifices to be made, and one of them is total devotion to putting issues in proper perspective. This is the trademark of Rt. Hon Tajudeen Abass. You can hate him for all he cares, but it doesn’t take away the burden that is before all of us. We have toyed with governance for several years, and now the country deserves leaders with intentions and purpose.

The emergence of Rt Hon Tajudeen Abass as Speaker is the best decision in the interest of the nation. His leadership of the Green Chamber would usher in a new way of life. It would redefine the art of legislation. It would also bring about tangible reforms in our laws toward addressing those issues that have held us down over the years.

The interesting part of the unfolding scenario is that members of the House of Representatives have seen the light and have also keyed into the vision of making legislation a serious business. Exciting times are ahead, and it behooves all to imbibe the attribute of selflessness in the task ahead of us in putting the country on a sound footing.

The Tajudeen Abass era will be the game-changer. Legislation is a serious business, and the Parliament plays a very vital role in the development of any society. That is the philosophy of Rt. Hon Tajudeen Abass. I identify with his passion and commitment to providing purposeful leadership when it matters most.

This piece is a clarion call for all progressive-minded Nigerians to rally support for him to succeed. The necessity of now requires that all hands are on deck.

Rep Agbese is a member of the 10th Assembly writing from Abuja.

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