Tribunal: Ganduje promises Kano citizens favorable business climate, appeals for peace

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All Progressives Congress National Chairman Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje has urged Kano State residents to maintain composure in the wake of the state Election Petitions Tribunal’s ruling, which recognized All Progressives Congress candidate for governor, Nasiru Gawuna, as the legitimately elected governor.

The New Nigeria People’s Party’s Governor Abba Yusuf was proclaimed the winner of the controversial March 18 governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission, but the APC had contested his victory.

Gawuna and former state governor Senator Kabir Gaya stood behind Ganduje as he spoke to reporters at his Asokoro home in Abuja. Ganduje called the tribunal ruling a confirmation of what they already knew.

Even yet, the former governor of Kano urged the people living in the historic city to maintain their composure and gave them assurances that business would pick back up.

He declared, “This is a historic day.” We are grateful to Allah for creating a climate that allows the courts to render just decisions that are clear and unbiased in our favor. As a reflection of the election results, the judgment is accurate. We are grateful to the courts, state party officials, business community, media, and numerous support organizations.

We must praise the people of Kano State for their endurance and persistent prayers asking Allah to grant us victory. We insisted that they keep acting peacefully and maintaining their composure. We guarantee the business community that operations in Kano will resume to a thriving level under the leadership of our capable Governor, Dr. Yusuf Gawana, should we win power in the future.

We are appreciative of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s President, who is currently in the United States, for fostering an atmosphere that has allowed the Nigerian judiciary to grow. We appreciate the coverage provided by journalists to inform and educate the public. God bless you, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you.

An emotional Gawuna said that the day of the tribunal ruling will always be remembered in his life, even as he expressed gratitude for the enormous number of party members and supporters that descended on the mansion.

Similar to Ganduje, the former deputy governor said that the verdict accurately represented the events of the state governorship race.

Along with vowing to uphold the people’s mandate and the confidence placed in him by President Bola Tinubu and the APC national chairman, who was referred to as a mentor, the former number two to Ganduje also made a pledge.

Our memories of today will last a lifetime. Thank you to Allah Ta’ala, the Almighty, and the judiciary for their fairness. We shall keep up the wonderful effort, insha’Allah. Everybody will receive fair treatment from us. Kano state is a commercial state, and we will keep saying the things we said in our blueprint from our campaign, which focused on business, education, and health. We shall see to it that Kano is devoid of vices and insecurities. I am grateful that Mr. President has selected Ganduje to be our esteemed party’s national chairman and has placed his trust in him. The party has never been bigger thanks to him.

For those who are unaware of my relationship with Ganduje, I was a part of the party’s merger from the former ANPP when they were split from the PDP. At the time, I was able to serve as a commissioner, and he was the deputy governor. At the time, Kano State’s governor was Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. We get along great, Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje and I. It was Allah’s will that he become the Governor of Kano State in 2015. We were the nineteen members of the Dr. Kwankwaso administration. However, Ganduje deemed me deserving and competent, and he chose me alone to serve in his cabinet.

“I will never take your Excellency’s gratitude for that for granted, your Excellency. People were unaware that after that, I was chosen by Ganduje to be a minister, and that during our time in administration, Kano and Lagos State had the opportunity to produce ministers. It did not, however, occur. Thankfully, I was given another chance in 2018 when the outgoing deputy governor stepped down. Without any convincing, Ganduje decided that I was qualified to be his deputy. “He is my deputy governor today and he is going to be my running mate in 2019,” he declared in his speech the day he swore me in. “And he kept that promise,” he said.

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