ADC accuses Atiku and Peter Obi of plotting to “burn down” Nigeria

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Dumebi Kachikwu, the presidential candidate for the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the 2023 election, has accused his counterparts on the platforms of the Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi and Atiku Abubakar respectively, of plotting to “burn down” Nigeria. This accusation was made by Dumebi Kachikwu.

According to reports, both Atiku and Obi have obtained an order to challenge the result of the election that took place on February 25. They alleged that the election was tainted by fraud and other irregularities.

On March 1, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced that the candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, had won the election. However, the candidates for the People’s Democratic Party and the Labour Party are contesting the outcome of the election.

After that, they each submitted their own ex parte applications to the Appeal Court, pleading that they be allowed to examine the sensitive materials that INEC had used in the course of the presidential election.

However, in response to the results of the election, Kachikwu called on the candidates running in the opposition to work together “to ensure that Nigeria functions.”

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Kachikwu stated in an interview with Punch that was published on Wednesday that “there are two options before us” in reference to the ADC. We could go the route of the Labour Party or the People’s Democratic Party, which would be to bring Nigeria to its knees.

“What this also means is that you should deny that someone has won, you should start a protest, and you should hope that the protest will consume the country so that we can have an interim government or something like that. Alternately, we can work together as the opposition to map out a path forward, establish a definite agenda for Nigerians, and also encourage the party that ends up winning the election to map out an agenda so that we can hold them accountable for following it.

“It is imperative that we come to the realization that Nigeria and the Nigerian people are much more significant than political parties as well as the egos and aspirations of individuals. Currently, our nation faces a number of challenges. Our economy is in shambles right now. Security has been compromised, our young people struggle to find work, the index of poverty has reached an all-time high, and infrastructure deficits have reached an all-time high.

“We are challenged because we have failed in all areas that are essential to the development of human beings. Now is the time for the people of Nigeria to pull together and ensure that their country is successful.

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