Don’t expect instant change, new service chiefs not magicians, Reps tell Nigerians

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The House of Representatives has told Nigerians that they should not expect instant change in the security situation of the country following the appointment of new service chiefs.

The lower chamber urged Nigerians to give them time to process their tactics and decisions, adding that they are not bringing magic wand to tackle myriads of security challenges confronting the country.

The House also hailed President Buhari for demanding the resignation of the service chiefs and appointing their replacements. Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Benjamin Kalu, in an audio statement issued on Tuesday in reaction to the development, said the executive arm of the Federal Government had finally listened to the demand of Nigerians.

Kalu said Nigerians had spoken through various resolutions by the House, some of which called for a change of the service chiefs and rejigging of the nation’s security architecture.

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He said, “On the question as to what the House feels about the new appointments and the acceptance of the resignation of the former service chiefs; yes, the House feels glad that once again, the executive has considered the opinion, desire, ambition, hunger and yearning of the people in making this decision.

“As we all know, the definition of democracy has to do with the government of the people by the people and for the people. The last part of this definition, which is the ‘for the people’ element, ought to be the guiding light in processing decisions made by those in leadership. The question should be: how much of these decisions have the ‘for the people’ element?

“I can assure you that this is what has propelled the House of Representatives, over these years and months of yearning, through motions and resolutions, on the need to shake a little bit, our security architecture to reflect a more secure country, lives, and property. This is why we have pushed for it.

“Though it appeared that the executive was not listening, I am sure that today, they have shown Nigerians that they are a listening leadership. They have accepted the resignation of the service chiefs, whom we appreciate and we thank so well for wearing our national colours and badges for protecting our lives and property the way they knew best.”

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According to him, the security might have been worse if the former service chiefs were not in charge.

The House’s spokesman, however, noted that the new service chiefs would spend “a new energy”, with a different focus, strategy and tactic.

Kalu added, “As Nigerians, we should not expect them to be magicians and the messiahs. What we should expect from these ones is the need to put the people first as they process their own decisions.

“In support of that, we should give them encouragement and extend a hand of friendship and partnership, and give them support to enable them to work as a team and achieve the objectives that all of us have been longing for. This is the only way that they will perform very well. Our support is a fundamental aspect of their success.”

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