N22.7trn Ways & Means: House of Reps rejects $15m bribe from executive

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The House of Representatives has refuted claims that the executive branch of the government paid $15 million to support President Muhammadu Buhari’s request to restructure the N22.7 trillion in Ways and Means advances obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Rep. Benjamin Kalu, spokesman for the House of Representatives, said in a statement on Friday that the allegations were not only false but also baseless and unfounded. He called the report malicious.

He clarified that typically, the House would not have responded to such a report, believing that all well-meaning Nigerians would reject it outright.

To the benefit of all Nigerians, it is now necessary to address the report and the unfounded claims made therein. Our choices and actions as elected officials are made with the good of the public in mind.

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It should be recalled that the house had temporarily postponed approving the executive’s request in response to the recommendations of the relevant House committees, which called for continued engagement with the executive to facilitate a thorough and meticulous analysis and deliberation on the public interventions the executive had designated the said request for.

In particular during this crucial time when lawmakers are heavily involved in the political competition for the leadership positions in the upcoming 10th National Assembly, he urged the media to exercise restraint and refrain from spreading unfounded allegations that could damage the reputation of public institutions and individuals.

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