Nigerians did not vote for hardship – LP’s Kenneth Okonkwo hits corrupt INEC officials

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Kenneth Okonkwo, a spokesperson for the Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Council, stated on Monday that Nigerians did not vote for the country’s current state of suffering.

Okonkwo claimed that the Independent National Electoral Commission, or INEC, “technically glitched” Nigerians into their current situation.

It was recalled that the electoral authority used the term “technical glitch” to explain its inability to transfer results from the previous presidential election to its result viewing portal.

Prior to the election, INEC pledged and guaranteed Nigerians that the election results will be transmitted online in real time.

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However, its failure to live up to its own promises and assurances sparked widespread controversy, with many questioning the authenticity of the INEC’s final results.

However, the Supreme Court has recently declared that the INEC has the authority to decide how to transmit election results.

Meanwhile, despite rising hunger in the country, Okonkwo lambasted dishonest INEC officials in a post on his X account on Monday, claiming they were thieves who enthroned fellow thieves to inflict misery on Nigerians.

He wrote that Nigerians did not vote for this level of hardship. INEC technically imposed this hardship on us. O’ God, multiply the pain and sorrows of INEC officials who have ever falsified elections in Nigeria. They are criminals who have enthroned other thieves to wreak harm on us.”

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