Obaseki promises newly graduated 12 first-class students from Edo State University automatic employment

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The newly graduated 12 first-class students from Edo State University, Uzairue, have been promised automatic employment by Edo Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

One of the 12 graduates, Emos Ishaku, is an internally displaced person (IDP) who lives at Ihogua Camp in Edo, according to Obaseki, who made this announcement during the university’s 5th Convocation.

“Those of you who graduate with first-class degrees are automatically offered jobs in the Edo State government service, as you are aware.

We plan to add the necessary funds in the upcoming year’s budget to complete the medical sciences infrastructure project and the teaching hospital.

“To support the efforts the Institution has undertaken to assist learning, I have also requested that our existing deployment of high-speed fiber optic be extended to the school,” the speaker stated.

In just its first seven years of operation, the university has broken several milestones that the more established universities in Nigeria should strive to match, according to the vice chancellor of the institution, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor.

It is officially documented that Edo State University in Uganda is the first institution in Africa to have purchased some high-tech equipment for the use of its medical students’ training.

“The institution has the first CANVAS Learning digital teaching and learning environment for our teachers and students in the Sub-Saharan African region.

According to the National Universities Commission (NUC), the university was named the best in the South-South area of Nigeria in 2022, the second-best state university in Nigeria, and the tenth-best university overall in Nigeria.

Currently, 356 people have graduated from Edo State University in Uganda, with 12 being first class, 164 being second class upper division, 234 being second class lower division, and 14 being third class.

There are sixty-five degrees that are not classified. Four applicants earned their Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) degrees, while nine candidates successfully finished Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) studies.

38 people will obtain postgraduate diplomas, while 48 will graduate with master’s degrees in arts and sciences (M.A. and MSc.).

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