Recruiting more appointees won’t help you, LP gov flagbearer warns Diri

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The continued appointment of new political appointees by Governor Douye Diri just weeks before the November 11 election, according to Udengs Eradiri of the Labour Party, is a self-delusional plan that will not help him win the election.

Eradiri, who spoke to journalists in the state capital of Yenagoa, claimed that the governor seeking a second term had resorted to shady methods to con people by putting them through an endless hiring process in exchange for their votes after sensing his impending defeat in the political contest.

He mockingly praised the governor for signing several LP political figures in an effort to increase his chances of winning the election.

Eradiri claimed that he was also aware of Diri’s ongoing scheme to enlist a few willing party members as state executives in order to give the impression that the LP had dissolved into the People’s Democratic Party.


“What is coming on November 11 is beyond party,” he declared. It is a revolution and a large-scale movement against a bad, inept, and uninformed government. I’m glad that the LP has established itself as a serious opponent going into this election and that my running for office as the party’s nominee is giving Governor Douye Diri nightmares.

“Through my role in the election, I have helped people get employment who would not have otherwise been qualified to serve in the Douye Diri government. The governor did not think about hiring more political appointees or providing jobs for individuals over the last three years.

However, Governor Douye Diri is promoting appointment letters as a tactic to increase his chances now, a few weeks before the election. He had no idea that the people of Bayelsa had matured. They are aware of his strategy. Furthermore, since the governor does not own the money, he is not doing them any favors. It is a part of the people.

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“So, go get your money if he invites you. Accept the work he offers you and take pleasure in it while it lasts. The reality is that this beautiful state needs to be saved from this administration’s incompetence and deserves a better option.

He called the motivation “vote buying” and warned those taking the employment to be aware of the governor’s antics because the jobs were false and would end as soon as the election was done.

The LP candidate for governor recalled that such a dishonest campaign strategy was used in the past, but that individuals who believed they had secured employment as government appointees were fired after the election.

“Common sense will inform everyone that this is just a campaign technique that will fail terribly like a deck of cards,” he continued. Governor Diri has been in charge for more than three years, but he has not seen fit to hire anyone. But a few weeks before another election, he abruptly awoke from his nap and began promoting appointments.

“Tell Governor Diri that Bayelsans are more intelligent now and that they cannot be duped by his strategy of purchasing votes before the election. Clearly, deceit has already poisoned the process.

“It is merely a ploy to deceive the populace and force them to choose a choice against their will. The process is, in fact, set up to fall apart as soon as the election is over. We urge our people to exercise caution and not fall for Governor Diri’s job and appointment deception.

We’re not afraid to warn the state’s citizens that the government is acting desperately to hold onto power in all it does. Reality is a myth. Each is a campaign movie series with weak actors. They don’t really mean it. A vote for me is a vote for a better and more affluent state since I and the LP are the only candidates standing for the emancipation of Bayelsa.

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