CSO Commends Arase, Police Commission over efforts on recruitment of police personnel

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***sues for more cooperation between Police Force and the Commission to ensure timely recruitment


The Coalition for Good Governance and Community Development (CGCD) has applauded the Police Service Commission (PSC) under the leadership of Solomon Arase for demonstrating unwavering commitment to transparency and excellence in its activities.


The Coalition said the PSC’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and inclusivity has resulted in recruitment processes that is truly representative of Nigeria’s diverse talent pool.


Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, Nwogu Ndubisi, the convener of the coalition, added that the efforts have not only bolstered the Nigeria Police Force but also instilled hope and confidence in the citizens they serve.


According to Ndubisi, Arase’s tenure has been marked by a commitment to citizen-oriented policing, transparency, and accountability, which have done much to improve security.



“Mr. Solomon Arase is a name that has become synonymous with integrity, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the security of our beloved nation. Under his leadership, the Police Service Commission has recorded a transformation like never before. His vision and strategic direction have been instrumental in shaping the future of Nigeria’s internal security,” the statement added.


“As a retired Nigerian police officer, Mr. Solomon Ehigiator Arase is well-versed and has demonstrated that retirement does not mean an end to contributing to the nation as he has remained involved in legal practice, security advisory, public speaking, research, and academic engagements. His career in law enforcement has earned him various roles and he is indeed a knowledge bank concerning the police force.


“Mr. Arase has established commendable actions, and we acknowledge his works and reforms. The Commission, under Mr. Arase’s stewardship, has been steadfast in its mission to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the Nigeria Police Force. His relentless pursuit of excellence has improved the operational capacity of the police force, thereby enhancing the security landscape of our nation.

Under Mr. Arase’s leadership, the Police Service Commission has achieved significant milestones which include reforms and modernization, promotion of gender equality, and merit-based recruitment.


“Mr. Arase dwelt on his assurance that the Police Service Commission will seek a police force that is properly trained and equipped to provide inspiring leadership in our nation’s security. He championed reforms aimed at improving police professionalism, ethics, and community engagement. He emphasized community policing, intelligence-led operations, and capacity building.


“It can thus be categorically stated that Mr. Arase’s leadership has been marked by a strong emphasis on accountability, transparency, and the rule of law. He has championed the cause of justice, ensuring that every citizen of Nigeria feels safe and protected. His commitment to upholding the highest standards of conduct within the force has fostered a culture of integrity and professionalism.


“The Police Service Commission has actively addressed issues of police brutality and impunity. By holding officers accountable for their actions, it aims to restore public confidence in law enforcement. Under Mr. Arase’s leadership, the PSC has shortlisted over 171,000 applicants for the police force, emphasizing merit-based recruitment and competence. The Police should in the spirit of sportsmanship and patriotism should reciprocate and ensure that the recruitment of the first batch of 10,000 Nigerians into the force is adhered to. This will help to reduce the insecurity situation across the country. From our investigation, Mr. Solomon Arase has done well and should be supported to succeed in this regard.


“We are aware that Nigeria faces multifaceted security challenges and has faced significant challenges in maintaining law and order including insurgency, banditry, and communal conflicts. The Police Security Commission must continue to adapt and innovate to address these issues effectively.  As we look ahead, we recognize that internal security is a collective responsibility. The role of the Police Security Commission extends beyond oversight; it shapes the very fabric of our security apparatus. “


The Coalition called for modernizing of police infrastructure and equipping officers with the tools needed to combat emerging threats.


“The Police Security Commission must champion community-oriented policing, fostering collaboration between citizens and law enforcement. Trust-building initiatives, neighbourhood watch programs, and community engagement are vital,” the statement added.


“Building trust between the police and citizens is pivotal as community-oriented policing can bridge gaps and enhance security.


“Also, strengthening collaboration between the Police Security Commission, police, and other security agencies is crucial. Upholding professionalism and ethical conduct within the police force is non-negotiable. The Police Service Communication oversight ensures that officers adhere to the highest standards.”

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