FOI: Rights Group Writes NNPC, Seeks Status Of Staff, Asabe Waziri, Who Owns Multi-million Naira Houses In Abuja, Lagos

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A prominent Abuja based human rights group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), has written the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited, Mr Mele Kyari, to seek the status of one of its staff, Ms Asabe Waziri, who is said to have purchased muliti-million houses in Abuja and Lagos.

The letter, dated April 19, 2024 written under the Freedom of Information Act, FOI, seeks clarification on the employment status of Ms Waziri.

Amina Mohammed, director of public media relation of HURIWA, who signed the letter said her organisation decided to write the oil company to ascertain the veracity of the allegation against Ms Waziri.

She said HURIWA recently became aware of a matter involving Ms Waziri,
who is alleged to have engaged in an alleged misconduct related to the acquisition and occupancy of residential property in Abuja.

Mohammed said, “We have recently become aware of a matter involving a citizen who is reportedly your staff member by name Asabe Waziri, who is alleged to have engaged in an alleged misconduct related to the acquisition and occupancy of residential property in Abuja. Specifically, it has come to our attention that Abeh Signatures Limited has accused Ms. Waziri of flouting agreements and engaging in behaviors inconsistent with the standards expected of a public servant.

“To assist us in better understanding Ms. Waziri’s employment status with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Limited and to ascertain the veracity of the allegations against her, we kindly request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:

“Employment Status: Please provide details regarding Asabe Waziri’s current employment status with NNPC Limited, including her position, department, and any relevant employment records.

“Salaries and Benefits: Kindly disclose Ms. Waziri’s salary scale, benefits package, and any additional compensation she receives from NNPC Limited.

“Date of Enlistment: Provide the date when Asabe Waziri was enlisted as a staff member of NNPC Limited, along with any records indicating her length of service.

“Acquisition of Property: We seek clarification on how Ms. Waziri, as a public servant, allegedly acquired two units of residential property (specifically, units 3B and 3C, Abeh Signatures Apartments, 1 Mekong Close, Maitama Abuja FCT) valued at N260 million, as detailed in the aforementioned allegations. Sir, We would also be interested to ascertain the veracity of an unverified allegation that she made a purchase of a prized housing asset in Lagos. Kindly avail us of this information if this is credible and provable.

“We believe that transparency in this matter is crucial for accountability and public interest. We trust that your esteemed office will provide the requested information promptly and following the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (2011).

“Sir, these sets of information requested is to satisfy our avowed commitment to assist the federal government to provide citizens collaboration to eradicate alleged abuse of office and corruption, just as thus is why we assure you that any details provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used solely to investigate alleged potential breaches of ethical standards and ensure accountability.

“Furthermore, we are aware of the reported court order allegedly instructing Ms. Waziri to vacate the premises and the subsequent refund of funds by Abeh Signature Limited. If there are any additional actions or disciplinary measures taken by NNPC Limited concerning this matter, we kindly request disclosure of such information. This will also help us to enlighten Nigerians about the mantra of the new management of the NNPCL which as we are told is focused on promoting greater transparency and accountability as a national brand with the objective of becoming a reputable global brand in the shortest possible period.”

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