2023 Inauguration: National Mosque set for public lecture, Jummu’ah prayer

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As preparations for the inauguration of the incoming administration intensify in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, Muhammed-Kabir Adam, Chief Imam of the Abuja National Mosque, says all is set for the special Jummu’ah prayer for the inauguration of the new government on May 29TH.

Imam Adam, who provided the guarantee in an interview in Abuja, said the country’s prayer was for a smooth transition between the outgoing and new administrations.

“We will pray to Allah to protect this country, shower his blessings on this country, and also pray to Almighty Allah to guide our leaders, let them lead with justice, and let them do everything they can to ensure that the common man of this country lives a good life,” he says.

The Chief Imam also emphasised the need of public officials upholding justice and fairness while running the country.

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He stated that Nigeria had been through a succession of battles that had cost many people their lives and property.

“When Almighty Allah gives someone a position of any kind, that position is a trust,” the Imam explained. “Everyone should fear Allah in managing the affairs of the trust that was given to them by him.”

The Cleric urged Nigerians of all political stripes to increase their prayers for the country’s democracy to thrive.

“Nigerians should be responsible and fear Allah; they should keep governmental affairs as a trust by carrying out their duties diligently.” The Imam went on to say.

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