Adire Makers Should Embrace Alternative Solutions To Dye WasteWater – Ifebuche Madu

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Ifebuche Madu, the founder of Afrikstabel, one of Africa’s leading textile manufacturers, has announced the establishment of a wastewater treatment plant which will ensure an environment free of dye toxins.

She made this announcement known at the Circular Textile and Fashion Networking Session organized by Innovate UK and the Kingdom of the Netherlands on April 25, 2024. Addressing the invited guests made up of Nigerian fashion and textile designers, she highlighted the role of textile designers in initiating sustainable practices, particularly in the use of chemicals known for their environmental consequences in fabric production, including Adire.

Madu stressed that proper management is essential to prevent adverse effects on society hence the establishment of a self-funded dye wastewater treatment plant as a proactive solution.

“This wastewater treatment plant ensures that our discharged water meets human and environmental safety standards. I am happy to announce that the water is as safe as potable water, and this is a solution I would like to share with other Nigerian textile manufacturers.

This initiative, she noted, encountered numerous challenges, particularly in getting an available prototype to serve as a guide.

“I’m glad to have paid the price for this knowledge because, from now, it will be a smooth process for anyone who plans to adopt this process,” Ifebuche said.

Highlighting another obstacle, Madu cited limited access to eco-friendly dye materials due to market constraints and called for collaboration among industry market leaders to broaden access to sustainable dye options, emphasising collective responsibility for safeguarding the planet.

“We would appreciate collaborations with other industry leaders because this means we will be able to access more eco-friendly dye stuff.”

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