Adultery: ‘I will make you disappear’, Suleman threatens former pastor

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The president of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has threatened to make Mike Davids, his former pastor who accused him of adultery disappear.

Davids released a recording to back his claims.

The audio clip is believed to have been recorded during a phone conversation between Suleman and Davids shortly after Davids made a viral video accusing Suleman of sleeping with his wife Pastor Faith Edeko in the presence of their young daughter.

Both Suleman and Edeko have since denied the allegation.

The 42-second recording which has not gone through verification for authenticity shows Suleman allegedly threatening to make Davids “disappear”.

The voice believed to be Suleman’s says, “I avoided you because of the way you talk but it is clear to me that you are possessed with a demon. The same thing that made me avoid you, you keep repeating them. You will die prematurely. God will punish you. Whatever you are looking for in this life, you will not get it.

“I stepped aside to make this call. You will die an untimely death. From the day I noticed you don’t know how to talk, I stopped talking to you. It is like you didn’t notice. I was free, I was chatting from the day I noticed your mind; you don’t know how to talk (sic).

“When I noticed it because I am very temperamental; my temper is not good. That is why I am telling you tonight. I will make you disappear.”

When Davids asked him to explain what he meant by making him ‘disappear’, he allegedly responds, “You are a bastard. Get off my phone” before the conversation ends.

The audio clip, it was gathered, has been sent to the Nigeria Police Force as part of a petition against Suleman.

Both Suleman and Davids have filed separate suits in court.

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