Amotekun kills 14-year-old boy by torturing him for his stepmother’s missing N500

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Ayomide Adeghalu, a 14-year-old boy, was tortured to death by members of the state security organization Amotekun over a missing N500 when tragedy struck in Ondo town, Ondo State.

The incident happened in Ondo town’s Odojomu neighborhood’s Ogbonkowo area.

The deceased, who sold cooked rice for his stepmother, was unable to explain where the money from his day’s sales went missing.

The stepmother reportedly spanked him after becoming alarmed by the situation and insisted he give an explanation for the missing N500.

The stepmother allegedly subjected him to a string of punishments because he was still unable to account for the missing money.

Later, the stepmother gave him to some security personnel, who allegedly tortured him in the hopes that he would confess.

According to reports, he was severely tortured to the point where he lost consciousness and had to be hurriedly taken to the local hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

Later, the Fagun Police Station received a report about the development.

His remains have been placed in the morgue of the local state specialist hospital.


His mother…

The mother of the deceased, Mary Adeghalu, expressed her sorrow over her son’s unexpected passing to reporters.

She claimed to news reporters that she had divorced the deceased boy’s father many years prior and that the boy had since lived with the stepmother.

“I was informed about my son’s condition and had to rush to the area to save him from those the stepmother handed him over to torture him over missing N500,” she claimed.

“I was shocked to learn that my son Ayomide had passed away because I had last seen him looking healthy.

He never complained of any illness; instead, it was discovered that security personnel had tortured him to death because N500 had gone missing.

She pleaded with the security services to help identify and apprehend his son’s killers.

“My son was wasted simply because he couldn’t account for regular N500,” she claimed. I desire justice.

It was unsuccessful to get in touch with Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the state commander of Amotekun.

The matter was under investigation, according to a source close to the security organization, and all those responsible for the alleged death of the young boy would be dealt with harshly and brought before the law.

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