APC chieftain: the first two years of Tinubu’s health insurance will cover 87 million Nigerians

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In his first two years in office, President-elect Bola Tinubu hopes to provide health insurance for at least 87 million Nigerians.

Oyakhilome Bello, national youth leader for the APC in the United States in Abuja, made this announcement on Monday.

The APC youth leader noted that Mr. Tinubu planned to accomplish this expansion by increasing the financing available for the Basic Health Care Provision Fund and the Vulnerable Group Fund, which President Muhammadu Buhari recently established. Mr. Tinubu will make sure that 40% of Nigerians benefit by implementing the mandatory National Health Insurance Scheme, according to the APC youth leader.

The plan, he continued, was to protect the vulnerable Nigerian population’s health.

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In order to unify all Nigerians under a single, national program that would be run by the National Health Insurance Authority, Mr. Bello added that Mr. Tinubu planned to decentralize the social health insurance program.

The APC leader counseled Nigerians to regularly check their vital signs in order to live longer and in better health. In order to support the political pressure group Patriots in Defense of Democracy, Ade Omole, the director of diaspora for the disbanded APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), sponsored the medical outreach event that he provided the advice at.

For a healthy and long life, Mr. Bello emphasized the importance of vital signs monitoring because it “gives us a glimpse into our overall well-being and signal early signs of an infection as well as prevent a misdiagnosis.”

Since March 26, the group had been meeting for pre-inauguration hangouts every day at the Abuja Unity Fountain for Mr. Tinubu, who is widely thought to be suffering from an unspecified illness and occasionally presents as a bumbling, inarticulate figure.

The gathering, according to the group’s convener Tosin Adeyanju, was held in support of Mr. Tinubu’s election on February 25 by Nigerians. He explained that until May 29, when Mr. Tinubu would be sworn in, the hangout aimed to refocus the ongoing narratives about the presidential election and the emergence of their principal as the president-elect.



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