Benue: Drama as deceased’s children reject, throw away casket brought by son-in-law

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Sons of a deceased mother rejected and threw away a casket brought by son in-law in Wannune, Tarka, BENUE state.

In the early hours of Wednesday 29th February, 2023. The family of Verlumun Shima rejected a casket brought by son in-law at St. Christopher Mortuary for the burial of mother in-law.

65-year old Verlumun Shima who died on 8th February, 2023 and her burial was scheduled to take place at
Tse-Iorsalem-kwer, Tombo-mbatie, mbaya, mbaju, mbanor, Buruku LGA, Benue State.

As the TIV tradition demands, when a mother or a father dies, the first female child who is married is saddled with the responsibility to make provision for a casket for the burial of any of the deceased parents.

And for the maintenance of tradition, the first female child in conjunction with her husband who is a son in-law to the deceased mother, tried as he could to bring this casket in the pictures below but only to be rejected.
According to the family of the deceased, they said the casked isn’t beautiful and too poor to bury a member of their family.

Nigerians reacts:

According to Facebook users;
Ter Mningem: In as much as the dead can be buried in any casket or coffin, this particular one is not befitting enough. The son-in-law if for anything would have consulted his brother’s inlaws and told them his inadequacies and they would have fashioned out a way rather than allowing him to bring it and later be turned away. The shame isn’t only for the son-in-law but the family of the deceased will also share in the shameful stuff. They have succeeded in making history in the Tiv land but is it worth it? This could have been avoided by all means.

Another Facebook user, Prince Bishop Isho Semberfan says ; To be frank,if it was my mother,I will not even welcome that casket in our house whether casket resurrects someone or not, some of us are just blaming the family just because it’s on social media,I don’t see anyone accepting that casket for his or her mother’s burial.

Elder Dzugu E T also expressed his emotional heartfelt about the ugly incident saying: Our people mentality about burial is disgusting.
I personally don’t want people to spend fortunes on my burial.
Even if I will be buried in a sack, I’m comfortable with that.

Kelvin Gomna
An average Tiv Man will rather referred to these type of casket as “mnguaorga Akpati ” – which opined ; ” i have nobody ”
The daughter has tried but her husband would have met with the family members and inform them on time since he could not afford a better or higher quality of casket.

Iorlumun Thomas Marriage na your mate? This is the highest height of disrespect, it’s obvious the dude had no regard for his mother in-law right from when she was alive, the man is a disgrace to Son-in-law hood mbum.

Orcham Theophilus Terhemba Tyungu Make inlaw no carry this kain kasket come for my mama Sha. I fit mend you join. Truth be told, this is not befitting at all! We are not Muslims. We respect our dead!

Bringing this kind of cutt and join – wooden Akpati was embarrassing seriously, I doesn’t portray any show of love from her daughter and son in-law to her deceased mother even before when she was still alive. May God grant her peaceful internal souls rest in peace.
I always tell my mum if I have any good to offer to her is when she is alive. If by chance she happens to die before me, I won’t go extra mile in the name of the so called befitting burial.

This is one of the major causes of hardship in Tiv land.
They spend so much for burial of a person then when he/she is alive.

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