Breaking: Ben Kalu receives strong recommendation for position of deputy speaker

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Abuja, FCT – Hon. Benjamin Kalu has received another significant endorsement less than 24 hours after being proposed for the position of Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.
On May 10, the Igbo Mandate Movement Group (IMMG) announced that they would set up camp with the representative of Abia State’s Bende federal constituency.
The IMMG national coordinator, Igboeli Arinze, reportedly said in a statement that those scheming to thwart Kalu’s candidacy are setting out on a journey with no hope of turning back. He also questioned why Kalu was rejected as Deputy Speaker by the Amalgamated Igbo Youth Progressive Forum. As Arinze put it

“Following the choice of Honourable Benjamin Kalu for the position of Deputy Speaker, we are aware that certain forces who have never put the progress of the Igbo nation as their priority has begun sponsoring attacks against the person of Kalu and his candidacy, this concerted media onslaughts were designed to dent the credibility of Kalu and force the leadership of the APC to rescind its decision, this, however, is dead on arrival.”

Arinze further noted that Kalu had played a pivotal role in the progress of the lower chamber of the national assembly and has been a contributory factor in passing bills and raising motions.
He said:

“Kalu’s imprints on the floor of the green chamber via his motions and bills are indeed quite impressive with over 40 motions and 20 bills with two receiving assent from the president.” “It is also important to note that on capacity, Benjamin Kalu’s Constituency projects are indeed top notch and we challenge these detractors to take a trip to Bende and verify his impact.”

Ben Kalu Has Decided To Withdraw From The Speakership Race, And Has Revealed His Plans For The Next Step In The Recall that Honorable Benjamin Kalu has stated that he will no longer compete for the seat of Speaker of the House of Representatives in the upcoming election. The All Progressives Congress leadership came to the conclusion that the position should be zoned to the northwest, and Kalu’s decision was consistent with that conclusion. During this time, the position of Deputy Speaker has been set aside for the southeast zone, and Kalu has been proposed as a candidate for the position.

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