Breaking: Storming Presidential Election Tribunal, protesters make demands [PHOTO]

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At the Court of Appeal headquarters in Abuja, where the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC) is located, protesters from the Free Nigeria Movement (FNM) have staged a demonstration.

Demanding fairness and impartiality in the ongoing evaluation of the February 25 presidential election is the goal of the demonstration.


The protesters, who were primarily dressed in black, showed their support for those who have been harmed by the widespread insecurity that has gripped the nation, especially the North Central region.

They demanded an end to the recent killing spree.


The protesters carried a variety of placards with messages like, “INEC Must Revert Polling Unit Results,” “We Take A Stand – May Nigeria Win,” “Stop The Violence,” “Nigeria Not For Sale,” and “We Stand For Justice,” among others. They also chanted phrases calling for justice, openness in the Tribunal’s legal proceedings, and responsible leadership.


According to Leadership Newspaper, Dr. Moses Paul, the group’s convener, made a point of emphasizing to the audience that they were not affiliated with any political party but rather stood in support of justice and effective government alongside the Nigerian people.

He emphasized the significance of maintaining the integrity of the ongoing proceedings inside the Appeal Court, harshly denouncing and threatening any judges who might be swayed by bribery or disregard the Nigerian constitution.


According to Dr. Paul, “Any judge that decides to collect money or decides to break Nigeria’s constitution, any judge that decides to do the wrong thing so that Nigeria can fall, e no go better for una! Africa won’t advance until Nigeria takes a seat in the club of nations, and the rest of the world is waiting for us to act with dignity, honesty, leadership, and direction. We cannot stand by and watch as our country is reduced to nothing while the rest of the world waits for us. We’ve witnessed so much blood and death that we can’t even cry anymore. Our demand is equity, justice, fairness, and accountability, and that is why we are here.

Another group participant, Lucky Obiyan, expressed concerns regarding a political agenda that places personal gain above the welfare of the country in the run-up to the inauguration of the 10th National Assembly.

The Free Nigeria Movement, according to Obiyan, will not cooperate with a body that will be subject to the whims and demands of the ruling party. He urged the Supreme Court to uphold justice, requesting that the Appellate Court do the same. He also pleaded with the authorities to avoid compromising justice by giving in to bribery.


This newspaper learned that despite a significant police presence, the protest was nonviolent and there were no reports of arrests or acts of violence.


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