China unveils top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2022

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China announced on Tuesday that it had published a list of the top 10 archeological discoveries expected in 2022.

It claimed that a site discovered in central China’s Hubei Province during the Paleolithic era, which contained the remains of ancient humans, animals, and stoneware, was on the list.

Archaeologists discovered a fossilized skull at this location, which is thought to be the most complete Homo erectus specimen of its kind discovered in inland Eurasia.

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On the list is a prehistoric hominid site found in the Shandong Province of eastern China’s Zhaojiaxuyao Village.

With the help of the find, a gap in the study of prehistoric human ruins in the area was filled, and significant information about the transition from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic eras in northern China was made available.

The list also includes, among others, the Gucheng temple site in Jilin, the Dasongshan tomb site in Guizhou, and the Bicun relics site in Shanxi.


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