Despite public outcry, Senate maintains planned purchase of luxury cars, explains why

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Despite public protest and worries about the country’s economic situation, the Nigerian Senate has insisted on moving forward with its planned purchase of luxury cars for legislators.

Sunday Karimi, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Services, reportedly informed the Senate on Tuesday of the Senate’s decision to proceed with the acquisition of the luxury cars. He informed reporters in Abuja that the National Assembly’s two chamber leaders had chosen to buy sturdy cars with a four-year lifespan.

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Public outcry over the Senate’s decision resulted in many Nigerians criticizing the politicians for putting their own luxury ahead of the necessities of the people. The 469 members of the National Assembly will have their demands met by the purchase of the vehicles. The House of Representatives, the lower house, has 360 members, while the Senate, the upper body, has 109 members.

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