Filmmaker calls out Ray Emodi for absconding after allegedly collecting N700k; actor reacts

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A Nigerian filmmaker, Rossy Adigwe has called out popular Nollywood actor, Ray Emodi for refusing to show up for a movie role after allegedly collecting N700,000 as payment.

The movie producer in a video making the rounds on the internet said she paid Emodi for a job in February and since then the actor has been ghosting her.

“I paid Ray [Emodi] for a job in February which is two months now. I paid him N700,000 to act in my movie. Ray declined the job after four days of payment. I paid him before my script was out. And my reason was to secure the date he gave to me. Because he was giving me conditions that another producer is with the same date so whoever pays first that he would be working with.

“I had to pay him first to secure the date. Then after four days of payment, I sent my script to him and he stated telling me that he cannot do the job and that he wants to refund because of the scene numbers given to him. I begged him, I pleaded with him ‘Sir, please do this job for me’.”

She said Ray ignored her pleas and insisted on a refund and she later accepted her fate and sent him her account details because the actor was so rude.

The filmmaker said she reminded him after two days that she was still waiting for his response but the actor said he was not going to pay her until three weeks.

She said she had to postpone her movie shoot because Ray was delaying making a refund.

She said after the expiration of the three weeks the actor refused to refund her money and later blocked her on social media because she was always texting him to make the refund.

The filmmaker claimed that she still has the payment slip of the money she sent to Ray and screenshot of their chats.

However, reacting via a video message shared on his Facebook page, Ray Emodi said the filmmaker breached the contract.

He said, “She [the filmmaker] breached the contract or the deal. It was 40 scenes that we agreed on but she gave me 60 scenes…If I offended you, I apologize. But you don’t really understand and you are not really being honest.”

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