Firm moves to introduce ”borderless opportunities” for banking services

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A financial services provider, Leatherback Limited, says it is set to introduce a banking system that will enable bank customers transact business across borders with unusual ease.

Leatherback Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Ibrahim Toyeeb, made this known in a statement on Tuesday.

Toyeeb said that the introduction of Leatherback to the global market was underpinned by a desire to “democratis” banking and provide opportunities for borderless global trade and commerce.

He said that the firm would introduce a multiple currency solution account that would make global financial services quick, easy and secure.

“Leatherback is poised to disrupt the financial services sector with its one account, multiple currency solution that allows businesses and individuals to conduct global transactions easily, quickly and securely.

“Emerging markets are the principal drivers of global growth, and given this reality, and the fact that COVID-19 has imposed numerous restrictions on travel and commerce, Leatherback was formed to simplify global trade for people and operations everywhere.

“It will allow business people to seamlessly move money from one continent to the next,” he said.

The CEO explained that the firm would provide a “much-needed” solution for all shades of international businesses that required foreign exchange.

“It will provide financial, payments and forex solutions for exporters, importers, immigrant-owned businesses, international students, the migrant population in general, tourists and multi-nationals with foreign operations,” he said.

He added that the fintech company offered multi-currency accounts with the option to exchange currency instantly across multiple countries.

“The countries include the United Kingdom, Canada, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, South Africa, the UAE, Denmark, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire,” he said.

He added that Leatherback was fully registered and recognised by regulatory authorities in the relevant countries.

“The organisation enables clients to create local and foreign accounts to give them the option to remit funds across 40 countries, while businesses can invoice and collect directly in over 13 currencies.

“Leatherback is fully regulated by the FCA in the UK, Fintrac in Canada, the Central Bank of Nigeria and other regulatory authorities in the 13 countries it is licenced in.

“Ensuring that our users operate in a secure space is non-negotiable.

“The multi-layered cybersecurity measures we have deployed are aimed at safeguarding their money and providing them with peace of mind,” he added.

Toyeeb assured that the company had the capacity to break down payment barriers, promote business expansion, remove barriers to business growth, and build a global digital payments infrastructure.

“Leatherback’s main objective is to remove borders from transacting, so that people and businesses are encouraged to be ambitious and provide their services freely,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Leatherback, a UK-based company that helps individual and business customers to move money from one continent to another with ease.


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