FRSC warns motorists against assaulting operatives

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The Federal Road Safety Corps, or FRSC, has issued a warning to motorists not to assault its officers while on duty.

Mr Anthony Uga, the Sector Commander in Ogun, issued the warning during an interview in Sango-Ota on Monday.

Uga stated that the warning was required because they had zero tolerance for assaulting their people.

“Any driver who decides to assault FRSC officers will be captured and turned over to the police, and the individual will be charged in court for assaulting a uniformed member.

“However, whenever it happens, the perpetrator would definitely face the wrath of the law,” he went on to say.

Uga further stated that it was an offense for an FRSC agent to assault any motoring public, and that anyone who committed such an act would be charged with a crime against the public.

The sector commander stated that the FRSC was not a conquering force, but rather operators who aimed to keep the routes safe.

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