General Chris Musa, Chief of Defence Staff, accused correctional service staff of funding terrorist organizations using inmates

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The Nigerian Correctional Service’s Controller-General, Haliru Nababa, has been instructed by Interior Minister Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo to look into the allegations made against workers.

Gen. Chris Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, had charged certain correctional service employees of working with prisoners to support terrorist organizations.

“The problem with prisons and jails During our debriefing of some of the Boko Haram members who had been detained in the Northeast, they were able to provide us with information about how they could coordinate field operations from the prison. They transfer money between each other.

Some of the warders there are used by them. We’re not claiming that they’re all corrupt. They utilize their accounts, and as per the agreement, whoever uses an account gets to split it 50/50. Those are the difficulties, Musa had stated on Tuesday during his appearance before the House of Representatives.


But the minister denounced the staff members’ disloyal behavior in a statement released on Thursday by his Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, Alao Babatunde.

According to the statement, “The minister has called for a speedy investigation into the matter, noting that any officer found to be responsible or complicit in undermining the security of the country, including the Nigerian Correctional Facility, shall face the full wrath of the law.”

“The minister also wants to let the public know that efforts are being made to change the correctional system to conform to international norms so that prisoners can receive true rehabilitation in accordance with President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda.

“The days of just talking things out are passed. Any officer who breaches policy will not be tolerated by the Renewed Hope government. Protecting the state’s interest comes before protecting anyone else’s.

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