Global unity inspired my new song — Charles Onyeabor

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Charles, a Nigerian-Italian singer and the first son of legendary musician William Onyeabor, has said that his new song titled, Black or White, featuring an Italian singer, Luna, was inspired by the need for global unity.

He told Sunday Scoop, “Experiences and the desire for universal unity inspired me to work on this song. I have faced racism many times, and I still experience it. Luna, a white Italian singer, has always been a believer of a free world where love and unity play a major role, with no form of racial discrimination whatsoever. I decided to collaborate with her to be an example of what I preach— black and white people making music together.”

Asked about the creative process behind the song, Onyeabor said, “I have always wanted to talk about racism, but I hadn’t found the right words or the best way to write and deliver it musically. So, when the right lyrics started coming in, I started recording with my phone, so as not to forget the melody in my head. Then one day, Luna visited me for an entirely different issue and a discussion came up.

“I told her about the project and she wanted to listen to it. I played her the one on my phone, and she loved it. Few days later, we hit the studio and made magic. Her vocals were amazing.”

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