Group rejects calls by IGP for merger of NSCDC, FRSC with Nigerian Police 

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Group rejects calls by IGP for merger of NSCDC, FRSC with Nigerian Police

The Save Nigeria Movement,  SNM has condemned in strong terms the calls by the Inspector General of Police,  Kayode Egbetokun for the merger of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps  NSCDC,  the Federal Road Safety Corps,  FRSC with the Nigerian Police Force

SNM Convener, Solomon Semaka who addressed the media in Abuja said  its condemns  the ill-motivated and ill-timed call for the merger of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

He said While it’ll be inimical to national security to merge those agencies, the SNM is particularly alarmed by the very thought of merging the NSCDC with the Police and view this suggestion as an attempt to undermine the extraordinary work the NSCDC is doing and find it rather strange that an already overwhelmed Nigerian Police Force (NPF) would be looking for more duties when it’s obvious she’s shirking her original responsibilities.

“The Call by the inspector general of police for merger of NSCDC and FRSC with the NPF at a national dialogue event organized by the house of representatives is totally counterproductive and must be opposed by patriotic Nigerians .

“We appreciate former president Jonathan and other statesmen who hold a different view with the IGP and stands strongly with every Nigerian on the existing support especially for the NSCDC excellent roles in maintaining stability especially in the protection of critical national assets. This is what the Corps needs and not the unsolicited suggestions of persons who have clearly demonstrated a lack of capacity to offer innovative leadership.

“It is rather disheartening that despite the clear position of the famous Orosanye Report which called for the strengthening of the NSCDC to enable it perform it’s mandate creditably, the IGP regrettably holds a contrary view. Is the IGP questioning the authority of the Oronsanye report that recommended for the strengthening of the NSCDC? Is he just playing on the intelligence of Nigerians who overwhelmingly welcomed the report and are looking forward to it’s full implementation? Clearly, the IGP’s motive is nothing but sinister and a mere inter agency rivalry that should be discouraged by all patriots.

“Only few weeks ago, the NSCDC destroyed over 10 illegal refineries in the country. This is clearly in line with the Mr. President’s economic recovery plan and the need to meet Nigeria’s OPEC quota as well as the desire for Mr President to push up oil production to two million barrels per day. Again, the NSCDC has responded to the incidences illegal mining by introducing the Mines Marshals to curb illegal mining and boost revenues. This is unprecedented and worthy of commendations. Even with these high impact achievements, does the IGP prefer a merger to strengthening the Corps to continue to expand on its mandate of restoring Nigeria’s economic glory by thwarting saboteurs?

“We make bold to state that this clandestine move to usurp the mandate and modest vision  of the NSCDC can not stand especially at a time like this when the nation is looking up to the NSCDC to scale up its interventions that have seen a sharp reduction in vandalism, crude oil theft and school abductions amongst other laudable achievements. The NSCDC has clearly established itself as a credible security outfit in a class of it’s own with well spelt out duties and responsibilities. It is therefore unfortunate for the IGP to even contemplate such an insidious suggestion. The NSCDC has come to stay and if any organisation feels challenged by their professional prowess, they should step up their game and perform better than the Corps rather than becoming a stumbling block.

“Nigerians and indeed the entire Civil Society community is unanimous in acknowledging the enormous contributions of the NSCDC in all aspects of national life. They have distinguished themselves in the area of counterterrorism, prevention of vandalism, combating crude oil theft in the Niger Delta region, providing and sharing intelligence towards resolving complex cases of kidnapping and ransom taking by breaching the logistics chain of kidnappers and bandits in country and many other engagements with other sister security agencies. It is therefore unacceptable to us that such a suggestion is even contemplated at all and we as civil society organizations will resist  any  attempt to advance this call beyond the mere pronouncement of the IGP at the National Dialogue on State policing event.

“We are all witnesses to how school abductions and kidnappings were almost becoming an everyday occurrence in Nigeria before the NSCDC stepped in to salvage the situation. The Safe Schools Initiative of the NSCDC has clearly brought us results in the safety of our  school children as they’ve made schools safe and secured across the country. The Nigerian Police Force does not have the capacity to safeguard our schools and other critical national assets especially our oil assets in the Niger/Delta region.   By seeking a merger, the IGP is simply seeking to expand  the mandate of the NPF and possibly does not care about the security of lives and property beyond the hypocrisy of ‘the Police is on top of the situation’ that has never taken us anywhere.

“It is worrisome that the NPF now copies every policy of the NSCDC. For instance the it has successfully copied the Safe Schools Initiative, the Mines Marshals, CG’s SIS and many other impactful innovations from the NSCDC. Calling for a merger after copying the agency that you seek to portray as inadequate is pure jealousy. The plan to undermine the NSCDC by the IGP despite strong national calls for strengthening is dead on arrival and must not be given a second thought.

“Furthermore, the introduction of the Commandant General’s Special Intelligence Squad (CG’s SIS), the NSCDC has pioneered modern techniques in espionage and has collaborated and clearly complimented other security agencies in intelligence gathering and sharing to achieve certain breakthroughs in the security of the country. Asking for the merger of an agency that has employed topnotch innovations and has been open to synergising with other security agencies for the security of the country is an unpopular thing that should not be entertained. It is our informed opinion that this merger proposal can’t help the country and should be discountenanced entirely and completely.

“The NSCDC high-tech surveillance infrastructure is one of its kind in the whole of the African continent. If the NPF is challenged by achievements like this that have made the NSCDC Nigeria’s favourite security agency, they should simply seek for joint trainings to learn from the Corps rather than seeking a merger with the agency. The Nigerian Police Force and indeed the IGP must know that it takes professional training, enhanced welfare packages and motivation to produce efficient personnel. The NSCDC has come a long way and calling for its merger will not be tolerated especially when the NPF has no viable roadmap to ensuring Nigerians security including that of its national critical assets.

“Ladies and gentlemen, with this pronouncement, the IGP lends himself as someone  who is only interested in controlling  multiple agencies without really understanding that those agencies are distinct and can’t be merged with the NPF. What the IGP needs to do at the moment is to undertake reforms that will reposition the Police Force and empower it to handle criminal matters and ensure Internal security of lives and property. The proposal for  merger will not solve the poor motivation, indiscipline and corruption that has become synonymous with the NPF. A merger will only worsen the already embarrassing situation that has become a badge of Nigerian Police Force. The IGP should therefore focus on revitalising the NPF in the best interest of the country.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we will rather call for the strengthening of the NSCDC by the federal government  to carry out its mandate effectively and compliment the other security agencies in enhancing national security. More logistic facilities including the establishment and equipping of more Command and training Centers across all the Local governments that make up the country will go a long way in solidifying their presence and creating the necessary impact. This is more patroitic and productive than a merger

“As we come to an end, we want to insist that the the NSCDC must remain an independent security entity. Infact, without the NSCDC, the Nigerian Police Force will clearly be overwhelmed as it is clearly not equipped to engage productively with civilians and gather intelligence like the NSCDC. The Nigerian Police Force should therefore seek to learn from the NSCDC towards improving their engagement with civilians and rather than seeking a merger which will not benefit the country” he said

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