Herdsmen, farmers, others should carry AK-47 rifles, Fani-Kayode backs Mohammed

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A former Minister of Aviation, Femi-Fani Kayode has said he has nothing against herdsmen carrying AK-47 and other weapons as long as the what he described as ” a privilege” is extended to farmers and host communities where the nomadic cattle herders live.

The former minister said this would ensure a balance of power and prevent one party or group from riding roughshod over another

Fani-Kayode said this while reacting to Governor Bala Mohammed’s claim that herdsmen carry AK-47 rifles to protect themselves and their cows during his visit to the residence of popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho.

Fani-Kayode said “A good friend of mine, the Governor of Bauchi state, Bala Mohammed, we served together as ministers, he said a few days ago that herdsmen should be given the right to carry AK47.

“Now, I disagree with that but that was his opinion and like I told him, he is entitled to his opinions and he can voice it.

“If you go by that principle, then it makes absolute sense that if Fulanis are allowed to carry AK-47 to defend their cows and their lives if they feel threatened, then it is also logical for members of the local communities, farmers and each and every one of us should also have that right to defend ourselves against killer herdsmen and against those that are coming to kill us and rape our women.

“So, I am totally and completely behind that and I will like that very much. Why not? We are responsible and decent people, the Americans have that right, it is enshrined in their constitution and if it is also that we could carry arms, perhaps we won’t have the kind of atrocities that are being committed throughout the country and not just throughout the South, even in the North itself, I must tell you, it is unbelievable what is going in terms of these killers killing members of the local population.

“Perhaps that is one way to solve the problem but the best way is for the government itself to rise up and do something about it. That is what we are paying them for, that is what they are there to do, let’s hope they do it and so we don’t have to do it ourselves.”

Fani-Kayode  supported  the call of the Minister of Defence on the people to defend themselves against banditry and killings saying the likes of Sunday Igboho have proved that the people can stand up for themselves.

Reacting to Fani-Kayode’s visit, Sunday Igboho said: “I don’t have anything to say, for now, my Uncle (Fani-Kayode) has said everything for me.

“What we want in Yorubaland is peace. We don’t want banditry, we don’t want herdsmen to continue to kill our people, we want our people to be free.

“My message to my people in Yorubaland is that they must try to defend themselves. Don’t let anyone come to your farm or your home to come and kill you, you must try to defend yourself which was what the minister said too.”

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