‘Housing deficit forcing Nigerians to reduce childbirth’

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The housing crisis in Nigeria is pressuring Nigerians to reduce the number of children they have, according to real estate company Kairos Hof Ltd.


Nigerians no longer desire to have numerous children because of the challenges they have in finding homes, according to a statement made by Mr. Ojehomon Anetor, Director of Business Development/CEO of Kairos Hof Ltd.

He stated, “The stress and difficulties in securing housing had made so many couples reduce the number of children they plan to have, a situation different during the period of our parents and great-grandparents.

“From our experience of what housing looks like outside Nigeria, we have been able to design a concept that fits our cultural values.

“We have gotten a clear concept that gives an understanding of housing issues and we want to make sure that whoever is buying a house is buying a house that gives them the right type of comfort and support that they need to exist, live, work, eat and play in one space.”

He remarked that the firm had been able to design a concept that fits the cultural values of the country in terms of housing matters based on its experience of what it looks like outside Nigeria.

Anetor added that the Dutch-Nigerian company was investing in real estate and energy and was ready to offer a world-class facility for its subscribers.

“This is the new way people live these days in certain climes and it is appealing to the digital nomads and the young generation who have created a digital economy around how they live. The structure is designed from research across different parts of the world and we are looking at offering a world-class facility for those who will be keying into this project,” he declared.

Also, the Managing Director of Kairos Hof Consultants Limited, Mr. Olagoke Fagbohun, said the firm would commence construction of 17 blocks of five-storey buildings with approximately 100 plus apartments code-named “Z-Korting Project”.

He noted that the product was targeted at young fresh minds within their Hof City project in the Idu district, adding that it was designed to appeal to the young minds who would want to live, work, play, and eat in their exclusive spaces.

“In terms of deliverables, first of all, we are starting with 17 blocks for the first cluster. 17 blocks of five-story buildings that will provide approximately a 100-plus apartment so that we can launch the first phase of this project and meet up with our demand,” he revealed.

Fagbohun said that the Z-Korting Project was targeted at young fresh minds and would be built in Idu, Karmo, Jahi and Cafe City, Gwarinpa, respectively.


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