I have always supported fuel subsidy removal —Obi

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Mr. Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has claimed that he has always supported eliminating fuel subsidies.

When he took office as president, Tinubu declared an end to petrol subsidies.


On Tuesday, Obi made this revelation via his Twitter account, stating that he had always backed the elimination of fuel subsidies since the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, when he was a member of the Economic Management Team.

When he was a member of the Economic Management Team under President Goodluck Jonathan, he declared, “I’ve actually been in favour of the removal of subsidies right from that time.

“If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll know that I’ve insisted that the subsidy should be eliminated because I view it as organised crime ever since I joined Jonathan’s economic management team.

We were not consuming the amount of fuel they claimed we were, and I demonstrated this empirically in my statistical analysis. People were simply stealing the nation’s resources.

The former governor of Anambra State provided a “tooth pain” removal analogy to further explain.

When you visit a dentist to have a painful tooth extracted, the dentist will first apply a local anaesthetic to the surrounding area to make you feel no pain. You won’t experience the same level of pain as if you had pulled the tooth out firmly.

“As for me, I will support the dentist’s method while supporting the removal of the tooth because I don’t want to endure the pain of a traumatic removal,” the patient said.

He said, referring to his manifesto’s explanation of how he intended to do away with subsidies, “I will govern with the people and show them statistically and empirically what we are going to save, and what we are going to do using the savings to better the suffering masses.”

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