INEC open to suggestions for election says, Yakub

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The Independent National Electoral Commission’s chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, stated on Wednesday that the commission will continue to be open to suggestions that will enhance the conduct of future elections and the electoral system in Nigeria.

At a meeting with media executives in Abuja to discuss the general election of 2023, Yakubu said as much.

In order to improve upcoming elections in the nation, Yakubu asked for the assistance and counsel of media professionals during the review of the 2023 general elections.

“In addition to reporting our activities, we are also convinced that you, as citizens, should participate in discussions for the overall improvement of our electoral process, based on your field observations,” he said.

Therefore, we anticipate that you will be open and honest about your fieldwork. What the Commission can do to enhance upcoming elections in Nigeria is something we’d like to hear from you on.

Chris Isiguzo, National President of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, emphasised in his remarks the need for stakeholders to address the problem of hate speech and false information by looking for ways to combat it without violating the principles of free speech.

He claims that parties involved need to talk about how to “ensure equitable access to media platforms for all political actors, promoting inclusivity and fair representation.”

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