Kano Govt: Appeal Court ‘Typo error’ on judgment CTC ‘outrageously scandalous’

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Haruna Dederi, the Commissioner for Justice in Kano State, has called the claim regarding the inaccuracy on the Certified True Copy (CTC) of the state’s governorship election ruling “outrageously scandalous.”
It was remembered that the court fired state Governor Abba Yusuf and pronounced Nasiru Gawuna of the All Progressives Congress (APC) the winner of the March election.

However, a CTC of the verdict issued on Tuesday upheld Yusuf’s triumph.

While the court rectified the situation, saying it was a typo, Kano State Justice Commissioner Haruna Dederi called the incident “scandalous.”

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“What is a typographical error?” he said on Channels TV. Does it have an effect on only one word? Does it have an impact on two words? Does it have an impact on three words? What effect may a typographical error have on entire paragraphs? As I already stated, this is something that no recognizable intellect can accept.

“This is outrageously scandalous, and it cannot be tolerated.” “We are dissatisfied.”

According to the Commissioner, the debate surrounding the verdict “has now been shifted to the Supreme Court,” and “it would be resolved there.”

Despite the Appeal Court’s explanation, he maintained that the current copy of the CTC is “the only version we have as the judgment of the Court of Appeal.”

“There is no corrected version,” he says, adding that reports of typos about the CTC are “untenable.” It will not be accepted.”

Governor Yusuf and the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) have appealed to the Supreme Court, hoping for justice.

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